Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hump Day...

All of my posts lately have been depressing and sad as have many other blogs I read. I think we are all cracking under the tremendous pressure put on us by college and life. Let me cry some more.

I am incredibly lonely. Being even this far away for five days is so hard. I pray for Friday to come faster each week so I can see him again.

Little recap perhaps?

Last weekend was crazy! After a initial flop of a party over at my dorm room, I quickly decided I needed to get home. I rushed my packing AGAIN meaning I left very many important things and I ran outside. I got lucky and got on the #38 bus which takes me right past Union and Ogelvie stations. However, as we turned onto Canal street, I saw that traffic was not moving in any direction. Seeing as I needed to be home ASAP I made a quick decision and decided to take Union out of the city. Again, I got lucky and jumped on a train. But as I pulled out my Sierra Mist to quench my thirst my luck ended and it exploded all over me.

After the long ride there and a few delays, I was in Aurora and very cold. I eventually met up with everyone and we had a very fun time out to eat. It was Bernadette Peter's birthday...don't ask.

The next day was clubbing...again. I wasn't totally looking forward to it but I thought it would still be fun since a lot more people were coming. And it was. I raped Merika, Ian, Zachary, Cristin, Cassie, Nicole and Aimee. I got my boy home 15 minutes late but I was going as fast as I could! 70 mph down Route 25 is scary!

Sunday was a bigger day than I expected. I met his family, though not his parents. I had picked him up from work and he mentioned he wanted to stop home real quick and then as if on sudden impulse, he took me inside with him. I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. His younger brother looks exactly like him, just shorter and fatter. His older brother was very nice, as was everyone else. I really liked his family a lot and had a lot of fun. They also stuffed me with food, something I cannot turn down! Now I need to meet his mom, though I am very worried and anxious about that one.

Alright enough recap cause I am bored. Now it is Wednesday and I feel like my life is picking itself up again, however slowly. I feel more organized, on top of things and perhaps my social life is recovering, though I was on the phone yesterday for over 2.5 hours yesterday...My parents are going to kill me when they see the phone bill next month!

Now I need to go do my laundry (which I swear I haven't done in at least a month) and some homework (my professor finds it fun to give me hundreds of pages of reading). And as always, I need to make a certain phone call later. He isn't awake now so I have some time to do stuff before I go "caking." I crack myself up too much for my own good.