Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bucket List

I was out with my friend the other day when he made a very interesting comment. "You have done a lot of things!" This took me by surprise because I am always feel like I haven't done enough.

He could be right. I have gone to many places, work many jobs, met lots of people and had experiences that are incredibly unique. This caused me to go back and examine my life to see if I have made the most of my 21 years. 1/4 of my life is potentially over, and that is a scary thought.

So, has my life been worth it? The obvious answer is yes. But I want to do more! I will not be entirely satisfied until I fully enjoy what the world has to offer me. Granted, I will most likely never be able to experience everything, but I will try goddamn it! I guess sitting here in my apartment every day doesn't help...

Things I want to do before I die a.k.a. Bucket List (in no particular order)

-See all the wonders of the world (ancient and modern)
-Travel to every continent
-Have a child
-Go skydiving
-Live in the Middle East
-Drive a Hummer (they destroy the environment, but just once I would like to have that much power under my tush!)

Wow, I really cannot think of anything. I definitely need more time to rue this over. Any suggestions?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

R.I.P. Graeme

So, Graeme was put down yesterday. I really hoped that I could have been there to hold him as he died, but unfortunately everything happened way too fast and I had no time to get home from Chicago. I had my goodbye though. I was home early last week to see the Harry Potter 6 premier with my friends. When I got home, he was lying in the kitchen, unable to get up the stairs. To see my dog so fragile was incredibly hard. I curled up next to him for a half hour and cuddled like I used to do.

I had this unofficial, totally unimportant routine with Graeme. I would sit at the top of the stairs and he would push himself under my arm. The last night I saw him, I sat at the top of the stairs as usual. He was unable to see me however since his sight was suddenly lost and he instead collapses where he was. It was a torturing sight to see. He was stupid, dumb, smelled bad, and was afraid of most things but he was still loved.

Do dogs have souls? Do they have an afterlife? Maybe he will be reincarnated into something else? Well, at least I have Maggie and Oliver. Oh wait, I don't have Oliver. :'(

Monday, July 06, 2009

Back It Up, Turn Around!

Lets take a look at my last post. Oh, you don't do anything Michael? Big shocker there! Wait, now your life has taken a few interesting turns? Yeah, suck it bad luck.

I like lists, so I am going to make another one. This time with numbers instead of letters because I am BA like that. (Side-note: BA = Bad Ass)

1. I just applied for many different volunteer positions at the Field Museum. I know it doesn't pay and isn't as prestigious as an internship (if that even is the way to describe it), but I am really excited and hopeful that I will get one. At least I will be doing something related to my future undecided career. Plus it is a great resume booster!

2. I just made a wonderful and awesome new friend! We hung out the other day and just talked for a long time. With the understanding that I am not on the boy market now, there was no pressure whatsoever to impress, flirt, etc. etc. and it was really nice and relaxing. Now we are going to the Oriental Institute at the U of C Sunday where we will look at Indonesian pottery or Persian artifacts! Added bonus - 1950's film "The Land of the Pharaohs," all for free!

3. I'm working out again. Not anything super rigorous, but 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Makes me feel better about myself and my abs are starting to get some definition!

4. I am very close to making a major decision in my current love life. Basically, I am not happy the way things are. You can deduce what may happen.

5. I feel very close with my roommates. Yes, we may fight or bicker sometimes, and I am not at all pleased with the messiness of some of them, *cough*ianklein*cough*. But still, my friendships with them have started to go to new levels and I have three very important people in my life that I get to see a lot. I couldn't be more pleased!

And I think that is about it. I feel like dancing now.

Photo by Jim McGill

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer of Laziness

So this summer has been slightly disappointing thus far.

1 - I have been sleeping way too much. I don't like sleeping in till the afternoon, but somehow my body is controlling everything and I am awake about 10 hours and sleep the rest. Perhaps the mono has finally caught up to me.

2 - My job has not been giving me enough hours to work, and when I do work, it is overnight. I hardly get normal hours.

3 - My Arabic plans have (more or less) fallen through. Who knew that stealing things doesn't always work?

4 - All my roommates have very busy schedules. This means I am home alone a lot.

I struggle to find things to do and I usually end up in the apartment, lounging, cleaning or working out. Some days I go on adventures with Isaac or Merika (never Ian it seems) but those aren't enough. I want a fun summer full of adventures and friends, BBQ's , swimming, water fights, etc. Someone help please! I need more friends!