Monday, October 30, 2006

Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

Through my travels of the city I have come up with a thesis in a sense about how the city is constructed here it goes.

There are three main levels to the city with two sub-levels in between. The main three are called 1) The Underground 2) The Facade and 3) The Elevated Place.

First The Underground a.k.a Hell. This is the subway stations. When people go down to the depths, they change. No longer are they smiling, friendly people. They become afraid and shut themselves behind mental walls. They don't look at you but rather though you. And who wouldn't? The rancid odor of time and rust and the crazy entertainers making everything that more awkward. You lose all sense of time and place down in Hell.

Next is The Facade, what everyone sees. This is the main level of the city, the ground. What the mayor wants you to see. Things are all ordered nicely with street lights, shops and houses. Trees line the sidewalks and the weather is all around you. This is the image of Chicago and every city, and this is where people act normal, or as they think of it.

Last is The Elevated Place. Obviously this would be the elevated trains, the "el" or "L." This in a sense is similar to The Underground since they both are train systems and people here also hide behind their own walls. But there is one important distinction. From The Elevated Place you truly see the city. You see every good and bad thing. You see the skyline and the ghetto. Only here can you see Chicago for what it truly is.

Now there are two sub-levels. The first is between The Underground and The Facade that I call The Underworld. Chicago was built on a marsh, and therefore the city is raised from it's normal level a few feet or so. This is most prominent by the lake where there exists a whole other street underneath Michigan Avenue. Very few people know about this, and of course, no tourists go down. There are also places where the entrance is farther down than the ground, such as my dorm and many houses and apartment buildings.

The last sub-level is between The Facade and The Elevated Place. I call it The Metra. It is not as high up as the "el" but it exists above the ground somewhat and has an atmosphere between the two. One can somewhat see the city for what it is but there exists no real change in people's demeanor, for no one fears getting mugged on a Metra train.

This is my thesis and I am crazy.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Future Freaks Me Out

Where do I begin? Let's start with today.

The only thing I cared about was my Greek test. I spent two days of massive studying and memorization. I had large breaks where I rested my brain while watching the Game Show Network. The general feeling before the test was one of anxiety. Nobody felt confident simply because the professor does not really teach much. He relies on the students to teach themselves. However, if I'm not pushed, I get lazy. So I resorted to days of studying. I learned as much as my brain would allow. I wrote the rest on my arms and legs.

I thought a C would be nice for the test. I was one of two people that I know of that got an A. Was there a curve? Most likely because most got C's and some B's. But why did I set the curve? Most of the class is upper classmen. Wouldn't they be better at this whole studying thing? I even beat out the smart kid in the class. I'm happy but also very confused. I was planning on not taking Greek anymore. I figure since I will be gone 1st semester next year, it would be best to start a language during my Junior year. I need 4 semesters of one language and I would rather have those 4 years in succession. But now I am rethinking that. What to do??

For my Success in the City class we need to do a presentation of a neighborhood. We wished to do a PowerPoint, but UIC will only supply the projector, not a laptop. Nobody wanted to bring his or her laptop so I volunteered my baby, though I worry she may be hurt. Oh no! I'm becoming middle school Paul!

But to connect my computer I needed a special connector that I was forced to buy, of course! While going downtown, I saw a large pillar of smoke and wondered if there was a fire somewhere. I put it out of my mind and went into the store. After some searching they found the connector I needed. Why is the Apple store always so busy?? Anyway, I stopped by Chiptole due to my very sharp hunger, and I delved into a burrito. As I came out it was dark, but I still saw the cloud of smoke. I went to the El station where I was almost denied access. Thankfully I was taking the Pink Line, which was the one of the lines not closed to the fire. Apparently an older building started on fire. And what a fire it was! It was only a few blocks from Christina. Check her facebok for pictures.

I got new frames!! I like them a lot! I feel like an artist even though I lack artistic ability! YAY!

I went down to U of I this past weekend. I was so happy to be with everyone again. It was very crowded however. Six people in a dorm room were a little too much. We did a lot of nothing which is always fun. And of course when there is a group of people together 24-7, some of them become a wee bit grumpy. But nonetheless I had fun. When we were coming back the city was clogged with traffic due to the marathon. Thanks a lot Lynn!

Yup. I don't know what else to write other than goodbye.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


After class today I went downtown alone on a random decision. I was in the mood for tall buildings, people, cars, noise, birds, shops, crazies, and the numerous smells of the city and underground stations. Odd that I would crave such smells. As I came out of the Jackson Station a.k.a. Hell, I saw in front of me a Barnes and Nobel store. Naturally drawn to such places, I went inside. I found myself in front of the Foreign Langauge section and bought one of those "Teach Yourself..." packages. And what other language would I choose? ???????? Of course!

After much more wandering I appeared outside the door of Chipotle. Or course I need a burrito. I took my fake Mexican prize over to the Federal building where I ate it outside. As I ate I studied an overly curious pigeon. After he studied me back, I flicked a piece of the burrito to him. He however was very cautious, but in the end ate it up. This pattern continued for most of my burrito with no interruptions from other birds. The pigeon, who I now name Pigeoto from Pokemon, and I had a bond, in my mind of course. But of course, one bird saw this feast I was giving out and within seconds I had a flock around me. I had become the crazy person who feeds the birds. I laughed at myself and went on my way.

Such a meaningless encounter made me happy from my mistakes earlier in the day. Waking up at 9 am is not a good idea when one has a 9 o'clock class and one lives on the West Side of campus and when one has a quiz that is taken on Wednesdays in that 9 o'clock class and will not give a chance to make it up. Yeah, sucks doesn't it?

I am finding myself sleeping in more and more. I cannot wake up on time anymore no matter how much sleep I get. I need to change something or bring my mother to college. I depended on her yelling at me in the morning. What do I have now? An alarm clock that I turn off in my sleep? I even moved it away from my bed, and I still somehow turn it off while sleeping! College is for the insomniacs.

I also have an impending Greek exam. Why did I take this class? I don't even plan on going to Greece anytime soon and only Greece, Crete and maybe Cyprus and parts of Turkey speak Greek. Why didn't I take Portuguese?

Funny story: Yesterday I was coming home from class to eat before I had to go back again for Classics 102. I was running behind and was planning on getting my Cambells To Go soup in my room. I had my iPod on and could hear very little other than Nelly Furtado. I was dancing to the beat of Promiscuous Girl! But as I start to open my door I hear Pat, my roommate say "Mike!" I didn't even know he was there. I figured he was still out or in class. So as I come in I find him in bed, thinking he went back to bed due to an early morning. However this was not the case as I studied the situation more closely. There were four pair of legs, one coming from under his covers where there was muffled laughter. I looked back at Pat and realized he was wearing very little, if anything. Within seconds I was gone, and I ran to Melissa's room for consoling. She only laughed at me. I felt bad more than embarrassed. I ruined the mood!!! We have a system now. Put something on the door!!

College is starting to scare me. If I do bad on an assignment, I'm screwed. My grade is based off so little, and sometimes only the midterm and final. This is not High School anymore!

Call me sometime. I need friends.

If there is some grammar or spelling mistake, I am sorry. My editor, Microsoft Word, decided to go crazy.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Don't Push ME!

It seems that because I don't party every single night at college, I seem to be some sort of an outcast. Is it so wrong to want to remember fun times and not be under the influence of one thing or another constantly? I see people all around me party all the time. Wait! Aren't you at school? Don't you have homework? One word to describe them - Idiots. Sure I've been to parties (Emily shut your mouth!) and I will have fun once in awhile. But excuse me for wanting to learn and have friendships not built on drugs and alcohol.

I hope they all drop out real quick and get their parents pissed at them! Sadistic I know.

I have procrastinated for over a week and put my English paper off. And now I have been sitting here all day trying to pump this out without faking it. I try to work hard on every assignment. I flew threw High School but I'm afraid of doing that here cause it won't happen.

Biggest development - I got contacts. They are only a trial pair and I go back Saturday for a check up. It took me along time to get them in and out the first time, but I was with the doctor. When I was alone the first time I freaked! I'm getting much better and my fear of the eye has gone down a lot. This weird guy the works at the desk in my dorm always will comment whether I am wearing my glasses or not. Every time I pass him. He kind of scares me...

Last night Chi-T and I realized we were the only two people on the entire floor. It was so quiet and boring that we started to run around, dance, do gymnastics and other crazy things. We then settled down to play some games and whatnot. Another girl that plays video games. Those are rare to come by.

I will not get fat, I will not get fat, I will not get fat, I will not get fat, I will not get fat, I will not get fat!

Who am I convincing? You or me?

I really need to get back to homework. Stop distracting ME!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Do Ya?

Two commercials that have caught my eye. Why am I posting them? Simply because I have nothing else to post and I need to entertain those of you who like to spy on the "Inner Me." Maybe these commercials say something about me... ;)

The band's name is Peaches. She is a crazy woman FYI!

Next one is everyone's favorite girl!

Oh, Audrey! You sure can dance to AC/DC! Patrick sure loves her. The Gap makes pretty good commercials! Unlike Old Navy, though I like their clothes better.

It is poring down rain here and I love the thunder!

Stina and I recently bought The Sims 2, and at the request of many people on my floor, I created them in the world. I am now obsessed. It's funny though how I like creating a life I never will have. To live out my dreams and fantasies through The Sims. It is surprising how many people want to kill Sims in the game. It's one of the first things said when they find out I have the game. That and sex.

Last weekend I went to Naperville to visit Zachary. Since I know he reads this, I will say I had a delightful time. ;) It was fun though to meet new people and to gossip like days gone bye. After eating that food I did feel I needed to take a few more trips to the Lou though...

I don't want to recount every single detail of the past however many days since I've last blogged. Only Zachary and Miles do that one! I still feel lonely but I know friendships will come eventually.


Tomorrow I leave back for Batavia so I can get my election judge training. I didn’t sign up but for some reason they thought I did or assumed. I don’t mind too much and welcome the extra money I will take in. I always need that. I can’t wait until I am in debt after school!