Friday, June 30, 2006

Last Chance

So, before we all leave for college a few of my friends and I want to go on a trip. We discussed road trips and camping trips. Why not both at the same time? A road trip to somewhere far (or sort of far) and then camping. My ideal vacation would be backpacking. However this is impossible right now due to the amount of people going and the fact that I would die. I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

So we are planning on going to Custer State Park in South Dakota. A long, fun (hopefully) road trip with a few days of camping/hiking/biking. And due to Zachary going to Japan and everyone moving for college, we can only go in a very small time frame in August. I tried to plan it last night, but some of my friends (COUGH COUGH for those of you who are reading) got lazy and didn't want to do it. That's fine, but I have a sense of urgency to get this planned out, make sure everyone can go, get Paul to drive and get reservations before Zachary leaves in a week or so.

I got frustrated at them and I feel sorry. But we need to get this thing done quick before it turns into all of our other "escapades" meaning nothing happens. Remember the "secret island camping?" Course you don't. It never happened. If we get everything organized, our parents may be more willing to let us go. And everything hangs on Paul. If he doesn't go, we need a car. Of course Paul was "busy" last night "watching" a movie with Aimee even though I told him we were going to try and plan it before hand and he said he would come!!!! AAAAHHH!!!

Calm down Michael. Don't become a bitch.

On the flip side, my parents have left the state for the weekend and I am free from their evil clutches! In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. "Free at last we are free at last!"

Now I feel bad for using such great words for my very stupid cause...

The picture: The Yew Trees from Hampton Court Palace in England. Beautiful, yet deadly. Very poisonous. Don't touch unless you want to die.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Purgatory a.k.a In-Between

Really, nothing eventful has happened, happening or will happen (so I believe). Some people have wondered why I have not blogged as of late (Zachary) and it's because my life is boring. It is not always this way, just in this purgatory I'm in between high school and college. I believe its called summer, but I haven't been able to tell. Summer hasn’t meant much ever since sophomore year in high school. Sure, I do things with my friends. But it still isn’t the same now that I work. I remember the days where I would burnt red all over my body except for my feet which would be pitch black. What good days those were. Thank you Target for consuming my life. But if it wasn’t Target, then something else would be eating me. Let's just be glad I don't work at places such as the Woof Wash or the Library... ;)

I earned that biggest spender award at Devin's party. After paying almost $300 back just to make up for my numerous "bounces" and hefty fees, I realized something has to change. No more Starbucks during work anymore. No more trips to the mall. No more $40 pair of shorts...or where they $60? I’m going "cold turkey" style. Maybe I will start a budget. However it is very difficult to know my monthly income when it changes every two weeks. But I need to start saving more and being chaste...with my money that is.

The "Freshman 15" scares me. Even though I may be a pile of bones right now, I have seen people plump out fairly quickly. I have become much more aware of all the crap I eat. And it's not even gaining weight that scares me. Diabetes runs in my family, and I am addicted to sugar. Pop is a rare thing in my house anymore, which is good. Water will do me just fine. But there are cookies and chocolate stored in the secret places of my home that will kill me one day. These are my goals. Spend wisely and eat healthy. Now, to actually achieve them...

Again, the picture above has no correlation to my blog. I just like it.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bring It On Real World!

Yet another reminder of my impending college days. Last night was my graduation party, which consisted of little children running around, people EVERYWHERE in my house, lots of unhealthy food, and freezing cold temperatures. Though it became very hectic at times and the some of the kids became very annoying to say the least, it was still very enjoyable. After the older crowd left, us "youngins" had a nice small bonfire in my backyard. Devin wanted us to join hers, however some of the people didn't know Devin and were having a good time at my house. So we just decided to stay.

I was very worried that people would be standing around, bored as hell and not eating. Many of my friends clinged on to my Gamecube via Super Smash Bros. Melee for entertainment. I was not happy with the temperature, but many people did go outside and played with the kids or were warmed by the fire while making 'smores.

I am glad that I was able to be surrounded by my good friends one last time before we all go our own ways. It's depressing to think about and almost makes me wish I wasn't going to college. Almost.

The picture above has nothing to do with my party. It is another of the series Zachary, Merika and I took of the broken down places in Batavia.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Forgotten

Life in Batavia is...boring to say the least. In reality, there is much to do, but as Midwest rich brats, we have exhausted these options and are bored with them. So we seek adventure rather than sit around. Today, since this boredom was bothering us and I was forced out of my home due to carpet cleaning, Merika, Zachary and I explored. And with a camera!

We found two deserted (we think) factories or warehouses. In fact, we don't know what they were. They were both filled with random junk, some old, some new. And it all had this weird vibe. The spoils, other than sentimental memories, were not great. However a few good shots were taken, the one above being one, and two tins were found. One was an old tobacco tin and the other had candy from God-knows-when.

These are the forgotten places. The buildings that people pass by in the luxury cars and SUVs without a second glance. Zachary noted that it looked like a third world country, and how right he was. It is ironic that less than a mile from these dark spots is fanciful and large houses, shops and people. However, nothing lasts forever.

The Pre-College Life

Well a few days ago I went to my college orientation. I wonder where the time has gone. It feels as if 2000 was not too far back. And as time keeps moving forward, I am hit in the face with the critical question, "What the hell am I going to do with my life?!" But for now, all it takes are baby steps, and my first was orientation.

It is always awkward, being thrown into a new situation with complete strangers. I have a very shy tendency when around new people and for most of the time, I hid myself behind a barrier of silence. I was frustrated with myself but I was unable to find any words to say. However, at times I was more social. The dance party a.k.a Club Inferno was interesting. It sounds gay, and in a way it was. But I did shake my white "thang" and danced with almost complete strangers. It is weird how you can get to know someone without even knowing their name.

One of the biggest aspects of UIC that I love is the diversity. I was so tired of my white-washed surroundings that meeting and knowing people from other ethnicities and backgrounds is exciting. One of the exercises that we did as group really changed the mood and made me feel better even while they were reading off all the racial slurs. We are all racist in some way.

After all was said and done, I walked through Chicago and took in my surroundings. I love the city. And even as I walked though unknown places, I was happy. For once in my life I was alone, and totally self-dependent in a foreign place. Most people would say I am crazy, and I would agree with them. The train ride home was interesting. I always like how when you sit next to some stranger, the awkward tension is like an invisible barrier that brings two people as far apart as possible. It's weird how nobody wants to sit next to someone they don't know, even me. I had to break that wall in my mind. Soon, I will be a city-slicker. I know, that scares me to.