Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sometimes I feel like I have far too much estrogen following through my veins that is appropriate for a man, however gay he may be. For example, right now I want to just sit wrapped in at least two blankets, turn on some sappy romance movie, eat a tub of ice cream and cry. Seriously.

My body and mind are stretched too thin lately. My schedule is as follows: School, workout, study, school, work, study, workout, school and sleep when I have time. If I fall behind in any of my responsibilities I will get in trouble. I knew this was going to be a tough semester but I clearly underestimated the level of difficulty.

The lack of any serious romantic pursuits has really helped me time-wise, but I still long for a good boy to cuddle with. I have lost almost all interest in the dating scene. It usually is very awkward for me and I spend so much time introducing myself over and over again to new boys only to never see them again.

Right now, I need to sit and finish "Atlas Shrugged" before I have way to much reading to do for school. I have come this far on this stupid book. I will finish it god dammit! For Christmas break my next read will be "War and Peace." It is even longer than Rand's book. Whoopie.