Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome Home

I am back from wonderful Greece now. For a full list of my strange adventures, check out http://michael-greekadventure.blogspot.com.

It is strange being back. Though I have yet to feel any effects of reverse culture-shock, I do find very many things strange and interesting. Such as carpet, commercials, hot water, ice cubes, parking laws, cereal, drying machine, and heat. And the ability to throw my toilet paper into the toilet is genius. Greece needs to get on the ball!

I have however resisted many attempts to fall back into my old life. Johnny and I broke up long before I left for Greece. I know that if you went by my blog alone, you would be very confused because it would seem that I would still be in a relationship with him. This is because I never update my blog, which is now a New Year's resolution of mine! Anyway, we aren't together and I won't be. I fell out of love. It was hard, it was painful but I did it to survive. I am finally able to be myself again without depending on another person. I can have fun, hang out with anyone I want to at anytime and not have any obligations. Johnny is finding this hard to adjust to and currently hates me, but I think its for the best.

As for me, I feel like myself. My trip abroad has taught me a lot, and allowed me to take control of my life. I am happy, very happy and I won't let people bring me down again. Anyway, enough about that. I'm home, bored and can't wait to live my life in Chicago again! Call me?