Sunday, November 26, 2006


What is this? Two posts in one day??

I guess this is just bothering me. I hear so many stories about how college is so great and how they have met so many cool people, but this is not reflecting my experience. Yes, I am having fun and I have met some people. But I don't have any great friends or even good friends. Maybe one or two, but it seems that everyone has these great friendships built up and I don't. I have reverted to shy Michael, which bugs the hell out of me. I don't know how to act, what to say or what to do. I like coming home. Is this bad? It should be cause I should have friends! I don't know what to think. I shock a lot of people when I responded with an apathetic sigh when they ask me how college is going.

Lord knows I can't just be myself! Then again, few people know who I really am.

Friday, November 24, 2006

What Do I Constantly Thank God For?

This is when I will gain my "Freshman 15." These past two days have been all right to say the least. Usually when it comes to holidays, it means travel. Three hours being stuck in car with little room for my legs just to get to a trashy little town where your redneck family lives. I love them yes, but the trip is never enjoyable!

However this year the Trower family (my mom's side) was supposed to come to our house. Both of my sides of my family are on a holiday rotation. Don't ask because I don't understand it. Anyway, the Trowers will be the Trowers, and they will never leave their little town. So my thanksgiving consisted of my aunt and uncle, three cousins, my grandma and my great-uncle and great-aunt. Compared to the amount of people who could have come, that is not a lot. I guess I like to have a lot of people for my thanksgivings.

I am so used to coming home and being bored, that this weekend was strange. Now that everyone was home, everyone wanted to do something. Of course drama ensued. I don't even care anymore.

Lets start at the beginning: I met Zachary and Aimee downtown around the Daley Plaza. I then introduced Aimee to the wonders of the "L" system. As we waited we saw a train come. But we were surprised to find out that this particular train had twinkling lights, trees, reindeer and Santa's sleigh attached. As it passed we stared in amazement, wanting to be on that train! Eventually a train came and took us to O’Hare where we met Miles, straight from Savannah. Damn him and his tan! But for whatever reason, I love O’Hare. It is so full of life, excitement, and foreigners!

After a short excursion to the wonderful campus of North Central, we ended up in Geneva where Aimee, Zachary and I ate at Subway. I forgot how real Subway tastes like. They had real bread! At some point in time I went to Colleen's house where that whole group of friends had a get-together. I was slightly pissed because somehow everyone thought I had changed so much and wouldn’t get off my back. Am I the same person? It reminded me when Nancy and Lauren said that I had changed drastically. What is going on?!

Thanksgiving was all right. I almost got drunk on a glass of wine since I had just woken up and had nothing in my stomach. I quickly ate something before I embarrassed myself.

I am getting tired of going through exactly what happened day in and day out. Basically I never had any time to myself, which was good sometimes and bad others. I saw some of my friends I hadn’t seen for a very long time. But at the same time people constantly invaded my house and I couldn’t escape.

Do I dare say anything about Merika?

I also went back to work at Target for two days! There were so many new faces and so many familiar ones as well. It felt good to be working again. It gave me something to do and some extra money since I am poor. God college and Chicago both swallow up money.

I'm just thankful I have food, a house, a family, friends and Graeme! Now I need to work on my love life...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Txt Msg Brkup

It's the only song title I had about a phone...

Oh my phone. Rest in peace. For two years you have been mine and you are now gone. How I will miss you so.

You survived many dangers. Maggie loved to chew on you. She cracked your screen, but they were only marks of love.

You vibration was amazingly strong! Many people loved to feel it...

You were the strongest phone ever! I dropped you, threw you, and abused you and still you survived until the very end. Remember the time I used you as a Frisbee?

The crazy chicken threw everyone off! You made me look like an idiot but I loved you for it. I had the one original ring. When you clucked I heard you for miles. Never will you cluck again.

Your battery life sucked and you had no features to you. You were called vision phone but you couldn’t see anything. But I loved you nonetheless.

You broke, you never worked, you gave me hell, you sucked.

You were my first. I will always remember you.

The Katana has come into my life and it has cut my heart and my fingers up! The camera rocks my world. As does the sleekness of my new baby! Oh how I love thee!

My new phone is amazing, yes but it is no crazy chicken. My heart is torn.

Wow, I need to go to bed.