Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Shortbus of A Social Life

I am INSANE on my bike. I ride it around town, and you cannot ride on the sidewalks. That means I swerve through traffic, blow stop signs and lights, come inches away from moving cars (and buses), and flick people off when I can take my hand off. Just another reason to love Chicago. But when it rains, it sucks. But luckily, I have my UPass. Sorry Zacahry. You will never know the bliss.

So, it happened. We have a dog. Not just one however, two. Thats right. BUT, I am going to get rid of one...


All that above was written about a month ago. I saved it with all intentions of going back to finish it, but never did. Damn I suck.

ANYWAY, we only have one dog now, Oliver. He is a bitch and a half but is growing on me, slowly. He is cute, and slightly cock-eyed. He knows how to shake my hand now! Now for the important commands... With my reputation for putting things off, I wonder if I ever will teach him those.

Other important news, I am moving apartments? So soon? Well I am only moving up a floor. It's slightly smaller, but has a better layout and is painted. Plus we get a washer and dryer. I will never go a month without doing laundry again! We have a roommate as well. Her name is Becca and shes a 22 year old grad student at UIC. She seems cool and relaxed and hopefully it will be a good situation.

For awhile there, I started getting sick of Chicago. I never go out anymore because no one wants to do anything. Since I live in Pilsen, my friends from school never call me to do anything and those from Batavia hardly do as well. I see Zachary the most. We went up to Andersonville the other day to see a famous cemetery, but instead got lost and we wandered to a very purple restaurant where a creepy black she-male seated us. The prices were ridiculous so we ran before ever ordering. And we really ran. I had the image of she-man running after me with her beads hitting her fake boobs. We ended up at a cool Indian styled restaurant where the food was cheap, tasty and healthy/vegan (maybe?), and was served to us on the floor. However some tarot card reader hogged all the pillows...

ANYWAY back to my point, I feel trapped in the city. I go to school, come back and do nothing. Not even my homework! In the dorm my friends were readily accessible, but here, they are too far away to walk and nobody likes to take public transportation that short of a distance, even though Isaac does have a car. But what really gets me is my dorm friends. Nothing. No invitations to parties, which I hear about later, or just random fun. It really blows. I need to make some more friends in the city. But where do I go? My block is full of pot-head college students or Mexicans who don't speak English. Hopefully my new roommate will help alleviate some of this.

One other thing that bothers me - I still suck at cooking. I need variety in my food, but I cant make it, not to mention Johnny hates most foods. I'm sick of McDonald's and Hamburger Helper!!!

Now to finish up the first season of Heroes! I watched the whole season in three days!! It's so good! And to think I used to hate it. Stupid past Mike. Doesn't know anything!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Death By Fluff

A little devil is on it's way. Full of fluff and cuteness. Johnny's TRUE love, a little puppy who has yet to be named. It will pee, poop, eat and generally be expensive. But then again, who can resist a cute, tiny, fragile fluff-love?

...My mother is going to murder me when she finds out.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Underdog

Ever get that feeling that SO much has happened in your life that you MUST blog about it but you are SO lazy and don't?


Maybe one day in the future.

Long story short.

1. Moved into an apartment with Johnny in the city o' Chicago!
2. Work at Target...still and hate it
3. My landlord is hot
4. Apartments are expensive
5. Parents still want me to be straight
6. It's very hot and I have no AC
7. Because of #6 I am nude-ish
8. Because of #7...nevermind
9. Being on my own is amazing!
10. Being on my own is scary!
11. Being on my own is hard!
12. Can't wait for school to start
13. Dreading school
14. I need to get paid
15. Comcast is evil
16. Comcast now rules my life
17. This list is confusing
18. I live in Mexicoville
19. #18 isn't as bad as it seems
20. I'm so done
21. I probably won't post again for another month...