Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sid Meier, My Love

I would just like to announce to the world (or those who read my pointless "blurbs") that I am now on my first prescribed medicine, ever. Not just your, "Take these for three weeks and you will be fine," medicines, the "You better take this the rest of your life or you shall die," medicine. Well, I won't die, but it may feel like it. I have severe acid reflux disease. Yay for me! I have inherited my mother's disease ridden genes!

Today was my do-nothing day, where, ironically, I defeated the rebels in my version of the American revolution, struggled to maintain my position in Jerusalem as a French invader, and attempted to culturally beat the Roman Empire as the Macedonians. Does owning Civilization IV truly make me a super-dweeb? I hope your jealous Miles. It makes me happy.

Back to a more serious note, I have been dwelling on where my life is heading. I feel trapped, paying rent/bills/etc, and already starting to settle down at 19. I am metaphorically claustrophobic and I will do anything sometimes to get out. I fear I may be getting to that point soon. Thats why I have decided I must study abroad fall semester. It will give me a chance to get away. Don't take this the wrong way meaning I want to get away from Johnny. However, I did not really bank on my life turning out this way, and I wanted to do so much. I'm starting to feel I will never get that chance if I don't act soon. I guess what I am saying is that I wish Johnny was as restless and adventurous as me, and wanted to do many of the things I want to. However, that is not always the case.

I always found it strange how people could work all their life and just be happy. But I guess they like supporting families, being secure/settled, and being rich. Me? I never wanted children, security or money. I want to learn, and have fun, and go places. But with our society, I feel that I am on a set path, with very little options. Go to college, get a job, work it the rest of your life, retire and be senile. God that sounds so boring!! But if I don't do it, then I will be poor and doing a jig on the side of a street so tourists give me their spare change. I hate the times we live in. Thats why I immerse myself in history and games like Civilization, so I can live and experience other times, other [better] societies.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

X-mas Balls

Not so much going on in the my life lately. Just trying to finish up finals here and the semester. Oh wait. That's a big thing.

So apparently my Greek professor cared this year and I am getting a D in the class. WTF?! I *usually* go to class and do some homework. How does that equate to a D? Though, he said I won't get lower than a C. However, if I did good on my final, he would give me that grade. Come on B!

History is done. Not much to say about that...

Psychology is done and I think I slipped out with a B. Not bad considering I didn't learn anything and hated every moment of it. I felt like I was in high school. However, the final was in a cool, very large lecture hall I had never been in before. I discover new places every day. Next, I must find the legendary underground tunnels of UIC...

So yeah, other than that I work at Garmin, a GPS store on Michigan Avenue. It's kinda weird working on the MagMile. It is the hub of all tourists and what people think about when "Chicago" is mentioned. Now I am apart of that. YAY! But no, seriously, there are too many people. Stupid people for that. Tourists is what we call them. Anything from hicks to Europeans to Asians. They come out of the woodwork during the holidays. Actually, I had a guy come in from Batavia yesterday, though he was very hickish/dumb. I wanted to slap him and yell, "Way to not represent me!" I'm lame.

I don't know what I feel this X-mas season. For the first time, I am not at Target or Batavia. It's strange. However, I do have a 7ft tall tree, decked to the halls with seasons greetings. LMAO. I expected Oliver to see it, and run full force into it, knocking it down out of the window and to the street. But he was afraid instead.

Becca, oh Becca. Soon you will move out, leaving Johnny and I to suffer at the hands of financial responsibility. Thanks a lot. T_T <---

Tonight, I go clubbing for the first time in months. Many months. And I will be sure to post all about my gay adventures!