Sunday, December 31, 2006


This is a longer post. Watch out

TIME Magazine's Person of the Year - You

"The "Great Man" theory of history is usually attributed to the Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle, who wrote that "the history of the world is but the biography of great men." He believed that it is the few, the powerful and the famous who shape our collective destiny as a species. That theory took a serious beating this year.

To be sure, there are individuals we could blame for the many painful and disturbing things that happened in 2006. The conflict in Iraq only got bloodier and more entrenched. A vicious skirmish erupted between Israel and Lebanon. A war dragged on in Sudan. A tin-pot dictator in North Korea got the Bomb, and the President of Iran wants to go nuclear too. Meanwhile nobody fixed global warming, and Sony didn't make enough PlayStation3s.

But look at 2006 through a different lens and you'll see another story, one that isn't about conflict or great men. It's a story about community and collaboration on a scale never seen before. It's about the cosmic compendium of knowledge Wikipedia and the million-channel people's network YouTube and the online metropolis MySpace. It's about the many wresting power from the few and helping one another for nothing and how that will not only change the world, but also change the way the world changes.

The tool that makes this possible is the World Wide Web. Not the Web that Tim Berners-Lee hacked together (15 years ago, according to Wikipedia) as a way for scientists to share research. It's not even the overhyped dotcom Web of the late 1990s. The new Web is a very different thing. It's a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter. Silicon Valley consultants call it Web 2.0, as if it were a new version of some old software. But it's really a revolution.

And we are so ready for it. We're ready to balance our diet of predigested news with raw feeds from Baghdad and Boston and Beijing. You can learn more about how Americans live just by looking at the backgrounds of YouTube videos—those rumpled bedrooms and toy-strewn basement rec rooms—than you could from 1,000 hours of network television.

And we didn't just watch, we also worked. Like crazy. We made Facebook profiles and Second Life avatars and reviewed books at Amazon and recorded podcasts. We blogged about our candidates losing and wrote songs about getting dumped. We camcordered bombing runs and built open-source software.

America loves its solitary geniuses—its Einsteins, its Edisons, its Jobses—but those lonely dreamers may have to learn to play with others. Car companies are running open design contests. Reuters is carrying blog postings alongside its regular news feed. Microsoft is working overtime to fend off user-created Linux. We're looking at an explosion of productivity and innovation, and it's just getting started, as millions of minds that would otherwise have drowned in obscurity get backhauled into the global intellectual economy.

Who are these people? Seriously, who actually sits down after a long day at work and says, I'm not going to watch Lost tonight. I'm going to turn on my computer and make a movie starring my pet iguana? I'm going to mash up 50 Cent's vocals with Queen's instrumentals? I'm going to blog about my state of mind or the state of the nation or the steak-frites at the new bistro down the street? Who has that time and that energy and that passion?

The answer is, you do. And for seizing the reins of the global media, for founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game, TIME's Person of the Year for 2006 is you.

Sure, it's a mistake to romanticize all this any more than is strictly necessary. Web 2.0 harnesses the stupidity of crowds as well as its wisdom. Some of the comments on YouTube make you weep for the future of humanity just for the spelling alone, never mind the obscenity and the naked hatred.

But that's what makes all this interesting. Web 2.0 is a massive social experiment, and like any experiment worth trying, it could fail. There's no road map for how an organism that's not a bacterium lives and works together on this planet in numbers in excess of 6 billion. But 2006 gave us some ideas. This is an opportunity to build a new kind of international understanding, not politician to politician, great man to great man, but citizen to citizen, person to person. It's a chance for people to look at a computer screen and really, genuinely wonder who's out there looking back at them. Go on. Tell us you're not just a little bit curious."

That make me all warm in the heart!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

You Know Who You Are...

I am afraid of who reads this thing anymore...

Who is spying on me?? Perhaps I will do what Zachary has done of late, make it private. Hm....Then I have to approve you to read it and then no worries, right? I guess it is my fault. I did put the link on my Facebook and Myspace.

I just feel like my mind is being invaded. But then again, that is what a blog does.

There was a comment on Zachary's LiveJournal, "Keep on blogger, we read your posts." Who is that? Was it to me? To Zachary? I'm afraid.

But nonetheless I continue to allow random people to look into my crazed head.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The X in X-Mas

But first, we will backtrack a bit.

Last Tuesday Ian, Merika, Miles, Zachary and I went downtown Chicago for an All-American Rejects concert. After an initial two hour confusion about Miles working we were off. One hour later of many rounds of 20 questions, a few photo shoots and dance parties, we arrived at my wonderful school. I thought I had left it in the dust!

We took the El downtown and shopped around the Art Institute. I was looking for an umbrella for Gabby and her request, but alas, it was not there. Oh well. She's a big girl!

We went up to the north pretty early. I knew the ride would take long and just wanted to get up there. I had never been that far north before, and still we were in the city. It reminds me of how much more I need to explore!

The neighborhood wasn't the best looking in the world, but we found a small and cheap pizza place. I felt like I was grinding people to get my food. It was very good and we got more emo myspace pictures out of it.

Once we got into the Aragon Ballroom, a strangely (and cheap looking) Spanish themed venue, the show began. There were three bands in front of AAR and it was getting tiresome to wait, though The Format was pretty good and I really like Motion City Soundtrack. Boys Like Girls I can forget about. When AAR did come on, I went down to the mosh pit for awhile. It was a lot of fun down there, but I got claustrophobic and felt like I needed to get out. I finished the concert upstairs with Miles and Zachary. The lead singer was either drunk, on drugs or just very VERY eccentric/weird. He threw a blow-up sex doll into the crowd to be dressed by people. Bras were flying through the air.

After the concert we went on a little city 'sploring and headed home.

Now between then and now has been basically constant work. It has been very tiresome but when I get that paycheck it should be very rewarding.

Last night, Christmas Eve, I was one of the "lucky" who had to close. Times like that make me wish I don't work at Target. We got out at 7 and I rushed over to my sister's in-law's house were we enjoyed fondue. Luckily I only missed the appetizers. It was very enjoyable though I drank too many glasses of wine and was slightly tipsy for awhile before I basically fell asleep on the couch.

Today I woke up around 6 AM due to some serious stomach problems. Damn you fondue! However I managed to sleep again until my puppies came jumping on my bed at 8.30. We opened presents and Mark/Rachael/Baby-in-Fetus came over around 10 and we enjoyed a very tasty lunch consisting of the best steak I've ever had. And now I want more thinking about it.

Anyway the whole day was lounging around with the family. I also played some new games (Zelda >_<) and tried to figure out the new wireless "thing." I got it half way, but I just don't understand! Anyway, all in all it was a good, yet forgettable, Christmas. Tomorrow, work. Again.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Screw This Semester

I'm so excited to be finished with this semester and even more excited about next semester that I am going to waste a whole post on my schedule!

Done With:
History 100 - Western European History from Ancient - 1648 AD
Modern Greek 101 - Elementary Modern Greek (Kind of degrading since I am in college)
LAS110- Success in the City (crappy crappy crappy)
English 160 - English Composition I (connected to my Classics course)
Classics 102 - Intro to Classical Literature

Next Semester:
English 161 - English Composition II (last English class ever!)
Anthropology 101 - Intro to Social Anthro (I barely got into this class!)
Philosophy 102 - Introductory Logic (gets rid of all my math requirements. kinda scared of the class though)
Modern Greek 102 - Again the elementary title...
History 223 - History of Modern Britain

By the end of next semester I will have exactly 30 credit hours making me a sophomore! YAY!

Monday, December 11, 2006

One More Day

I don't post as much as I should. Going back a few weeks I have an interesting story.

My coat, the suave black pea coat, has been sent away for cleaning and repair. I lost a button and I ripped the back cause of my muscles... Anyway the past few weeks have been the coldest in a long time. That blizzard? Yeah Chicago got two inches. Stupid suburbs with their stupid snow days. I needed a coat of some sort to keep me warm. After a long search from store to store I found nothing. At last at American Eagle there was really cool hoodie that was insulated and look really warm. However the price tag was...steep to say the last. After some debate with myself, I decided to buy it. However my card did not have the funds. So my parents had to transfer the money. I kept going back again and again to see if my card would work yet, but it never did. By the end of the fiasco, the people knew my name. Now that I do have it, it isn't warm. The hell if I'm returning it at that store though! I'm waiting till I get home! I felt bad for Justin. I dragged back and forth to the north side. But he had sex with Chipotle in the end so as was well in the world.

I just turned in my English portfolio and tomorrow I have two finals. After that I'm done and going back to Batavia!! The whole situation with my last blog has improved. It is just taking time and I have no patience! What helped was the fact that they really know me now, as do most of my friends.

Nothing out of the ordinary is happening here. A lot of studying or not studying by going on facebook and other distractions. In fact I should be studying for those finals tomorrow...

Suffice to say that those four goals I made in high school are now complete... I won't go into details.

Honestly, I don't know what to blog! The city smells, the snow is black, Ogleive Station had a shoot out, and Michael is thawing out.

I'm ready to come home! I want to see my friends again and work! Yeah, I know. I have missed working at Target. But it gives me something to do and money money money! I need money! As I said before, Chicago + College = Poor Beggar. Fiscal Responsibility Michael! Remember that!

What does Michael want for Christmas? No college debts! Friends! A career! A date! World peace! Wait, scratch that last one. If I plan on going into the Peace Corps the world must be in turmoil. Evil? I know.

Why do I refer to myself in the third person...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


What is this? Two posts in one day??

I guess this is just bothering me. I hear so many stories about how college is so great and how they have met so many cool people, but this is not reflecting my experience. Yes, I am having fun and I have met some people. But I don't have any great friends or even good friends. Maybe one or two, but it seems that everyone has these great friendships built up and I don't. I have reverted to shy Michael, which bugs the hell out of me. I don't know how to act, what to say or what to do. I like coming home. Is this bad? It should be cause I should have friends! I don't know what to think. I shock a lot of people when I responded with an apathetic sigh when they ask me how college is going.

Lord knows I can't just be myself! Then again, few people know who I really am.

Friday, November 24, 2006

What Do I Constantly Thank God For?

This is when I will gain my "Freshman 15." These past two days have been all right to say the least. Usually when it comes to holidays, it means travel. Three hours being stuck in car with little room for my legs just to get to a trashy little town where your redneck family lives. I love them yes, but the trip is never enjoyable!

However this year the Trower family (my mom's side) was supposed to come to our house. Both of my sides of my family are on a holiday rotation. Don't ask because I don't understand it. Anyway, the Trowers will be the Trowers, and they will never leave their little town. So my thanksgiving consisted of my aunt and uncle, three cousins, my grandma and my great-uncle and great-aunt. Compared to the amount of people who could have come, that is not a lot. I guess I like to have a lot of people for my thanksgivings.

I am so used to coming home and being bored, that this weekend was strange. Now that everyone was home, everyone wanted to do something. Of course drama ensued. I don't even care anymore.

Lets start at the beginning: I met Zachary and Aimee downtown around the Daley Plaza. I then introduced Aimee to the wonders of the "L" system. As we waited we saw a train come. But we were surprised to find out that this particular train had twinkling lights, trees, reindeer and Santa's sleigh attached. As it passed we stared in amazement, wanting to be on that train! Eventually a train came and took us to O’Hare where we met Miles, straight from Savannah. Damn him and his tan! But for whatever reason, I love O’Hare. It is so full of life, excitement, and foreigners!

After a short excursion to the wonderful campus of North Central, we ended up in Geneva where Aimee, Zachary and I ate at Subway. I forgot how real Subway tastes like. They had real bread! At some point in time I went to Colleen's house where that whole group of friends had a get-together. I was slightly pissed because somehow everyone thought I had changed so much and wouldn’t get off my back. Am I the same person? It reminded me when Nancy and Lauren said that I had changed drastically. What is going on?!

Thanksgiving was all right. I almost got drunk on a glass of wine since I had just woken up and had nothing in my stomach. I quickly ate something before I embarrassed myself.

I am getting tired of going through exactly what happened day in and day out. Basically I never had any time to myself, which was good sometimes and bad others. I saw some of my friends I hadn’t seen for a very long time. But at the same time people constantly invaded my house and I couldn’t escape.

Do I dare say anything about Merika?

I also went back to work at Target for two days! There were so many new faces and so many familiar ones as well. It felt good to be working again. It gave me something to do and some extra money since I am poor. God college and Chicago both swallow up money.

I'm just thankful I have food, a house, a family, friends and Graeme! Now I need to work on my love life...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Txt Msg Brkup

It's the only song title I had about a phone...

Oh my phone. Rest in peace. For two years you have been mine and you are now gone. How I will miss you so.

You survived many dangers. Maggie loved to chew on you. She cracked your screen, but they were only marks of love.

You vibration was amazingly strong! Many people loved to feel it...

You were the strongest phone ever! I dropped you, threw you, and abused you and still you survived until the very end. Remember the time I used you as a Frisbee?

The crazy chicken threw everyone off! You made me look like an idiot but I loved you for it. I had the one original ring. When you clucked I heard you for miles. Never will you cluck again.

Your battery life sucked and you had no features to you. You were called vision phone but you couldn’t see anything. But I loved you nonetheless.

You broke, you never worked, you gave me hell, you sucked.

You were my first. I will always remember you.

The Katana has come into my life and it has cut my heart and my fingers up! The camera rocks my world. As does the sleekness of my new baby! Oh how I love thee!

My new phone is amazing, yes but it is no crazy chicken. My heart is torn.

Wow, I need to go to bed.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

Through my travels of the city I have come up with a thesis in a sense about how the city is constructed here it goes.

There are three main levels to the city with two sub-levels in between. The main three are called 1) The Underground 2) The Facade and 3) The Elevated Place.

First The Underground a.k.a Hell. This is the subway stations. When people go down to the depths, they change. No longer are they smiling, friendly people. They become afraid and shut themselves behind mental walls. They don't look at you but rather though you. And who wouldn't? The rancid odor of time and rust and the crazy entertainers making everything that more awkward. You lose all sense of time and place down in Hell.

Next is The Facade, what everyone sees. This is the main level of the city, the ground. What the mayor wants you to see. Things are all ordered nicely with street lights, shops and houses. Trees line the sidewalks and the weather is all around you. This is the image of Chicago and every city, and this is where people act normal, or as they think of it.

Last is The Elevated Place. Obviously this would be the elevated trains, the "el" or "L." This in a sense is similar to The Underground since they both are train systems and people here also hide behind their own walls. But there is one important distinction. From The Elevated Place you truly see the city. You see every good and bad thing. You see the skyline and the ghetto. Only here can you see Chicago for what it truly is.

Now there are two sub-levels. The first is between The Underground and The Facade that I call The Underworld. Chicago was built on a marsh, and therefore the city is raised from it's normal level a few feet or so. This is most prominent by the lake where there exists a whole other street underneath Michigan Avenue. Very few people know about this, and of course, no tourists go down. There are also places where the entrance is farther down than the ground, such as my dorm and many houses and apartment buildings.

The last sub-level is between The Facade and The Elevated Place. I call it The Metra. It is not as high up as the "el" but it exists above the ground somewhat and has an atmosphere between the two. One can somewhat see the city for what it is but there exists no real change in people's demeanor, for no one fears getting mugged on a Metra train.

This is my thesis and I am crazy.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Future Freaks Me Out

Where do I begin? Let's start with today.

The only thing I cared about was my Greek test. I spent two days of massive studying and memorization. I had large breaks where I rested my brain while watching the Game Show Network. The general feeling before the test was one of anxiety. Nobody felt confident simply because the professor does not really teach much. He relies on the students to teach themselves. However, if I'm not pushed, I get lazy. So I resorted to days of studying. I learned as much as my brain would allow. I wrote the rest on my arms and legs.

I thought a C would be nice for the test. I was one of two people that I know of that got an A. Was there a curve? Most likely because most got C's and some B's. But why did I set the curve? Most of the class is upper classmen. Wouldn't they be better at this whole studying thing? I even beat out the smart kid in the class. I'm happy but also very confused. I was planning on not taking Greek anymore. I figure since I will be gone 1st semester next year, it would be best to start a language during my Junior year. I need 4 semesters of one language and I would rather have those 4 years in succession. But now I am rethinking that. What to do??

For my Success in the City class we need to do a presentation of a neighborhood. We wished to do a PowerPoint, but UIC will only supply the projector, not a laptop. Nobody wanted to bring his or her laptop so I volunteered my baby, though I worry she may be hurt. Oh no! I'm becoming middle school Paul!

But to connect my computer I needed a special connector that I was forced to buy, of course! While going downtown, I saw a large pillar of smoke and wondered if there was a fire somewhere. I put it out of my mind and went into the store. After some searching they found the connector I needed. Why is the Apple store always so busy?? Anyway, I stopped by Chiptole due to my very sharp hunger, and I delved into a burrito. As I came out it was dark, but I still saw the cloud of smoke. I went to the El station where I was almost denied access. Thankfully I was taking the Pink Line, which was the one of the lines not closed to the fire. Apparently an older building started on fire. And what a fire it was! It was only a few blocks from Christina. Check her facebok for pictures.

I got new frames!! I like them a lot! I feel like an artist even though I lack artistic ability! YAY!

I went down to U of I this past weekend. I was so happy to be with everyone again. It was very crowded however. Six people in a dorm room were a little too much. We did a lot of nothing which is always fun. And of course when there is a group of people together 24-7, some of them become a wee bit grumpy. But nonetheless I had fun. When we were coming back the city was clogged with traffic due to the marathon. Thanks a lot Lynn!

Yup. I don't know what else to write other than goodbye.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


After class today I went downtown alone on a random decision. I was in the mood for tall buildings, people, cars, noise, birds, shops, crazies, and the numerous smells of the city and underground stations. Odd that I would crave such smells. As I came out of the Jackson Station a.k.a. Hell, I saw in front of me a Barnes and Nobel store. Naturally drawn to such places, I went inside. I found myself in front of the Foreign Langauge section and bought one of those "Teach Yourself..." packages. And what other language would I choose? ???????? Of course!

After much more wandering I appeared outside the door of Chipotle. Or course I need a burrito. I took my fake Mexican prize over to the Federal building where I ate it outside. As I ate I studied an overly curious pigeon. After he studied me back, I flicked a piece of the burrito to him. He however was very cautious, but in the end ate it up. This pattern continued for most of my burrito with no interruptions from other birds. The pigeon, who I now name Pigeoto from Pokemon, and I had a bond, in my mind of course. But of course, one bird saw this feast I was giving out and within seconds I had a flock around me. I had become the crazy person who feeds the birds. I laughed at myself and went on my way.

Such a meaningless encounter made me happy from my mistakes earlier in the day. Waking up at 9 am is not a good idea when one has a 9 o'clock class and one lives on the West Side of campus and when one has a quiz that is taken on Wednesdays in that 9 o'clock class and will not give a chance to make it up. Yeah, sucks doesn't it?

I am finding myself sleeping in more and more. I cannot wake up on time anymore no matter how much sleep I get. I need to change something or bring my mother to college. I depended on her yelling at me in the morning. What do I have now? An alarm clock that I turn off in my sleep? I even moved it away from my bed, and I still somehow turn it off while sleeping! College is for the insomniacs.

I also have an impending Greek exam. Why did I take this class? I don't even plan on going to Greece anytime soon and only Greece, Crete and maybe Cyprus and parts of Turkey speak Greek. Why didn't I take Portuguese?

Funny story: Yesterday I was coming home from class to eat before I had to go back again for Classics 102. I was running behind and was planning on getting my Cambells To Go soup in my room. I had my iPod on and could hear very little other than Nelly Furtado. I was dancing to the beat of Promiscuous Girl! But as I start to open my door I hear Pat, my roommate say "Mike!" I didn't even know he was there. I figured he was still out or in class. So as I come in I find him in bed, thinking he went back to bed due to an early morning. However this was not the case as I studied the situation more closely. There were four pair of legs, one coming from under his covers where there was muffled laughter. I looked back at Pat and realized he was wearing very little, if anything. Within seconds I was gone, and I ran to Melissa's room for consoling. She only laughed at me. I felt bad more than embarrassed. I ruined the mood!!! We have a system now. Put something on the door!!

College is starting to scare me. If I do bad on an assignment, I'm screwed. My grade is based off so little, and sometimes only the midterm and final. This is not High School anymore!

Call me sometime. I need friends.

If there is some grammar or spelling mistake, I am sorry. My editor, Microsoft Word, decided to go crazy.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Don't Push ME!

It seems that because I don't party every single night at college, I seem to be some sort of an outcast. Is it so wrong to want to remember fun times and not be under the influence of one thing or another constantly? I see people all around me party all the time. Wait! Aren't you at school? Don't you have homework? One word to describe them - Idiots. Sure I've been to parties (Emily shut your mouth!) and I will have fun once in awhile. But excuse me for wanting to learn and have friendships not built on drugs and alcohol.

I hope they all drop out real quick and get their parents pissed at them! Sadistic I know.

I have procrastinated for over a week and put my English paper off. And now I have been sitting here all day trying to pump this out without faking it. I try to work hard on every assignment. I flew threw High School but I'm afraid of doing that here cause it won't happen.

Biggest development - I got contacts. They are only a trial pair and I go back Saturday for a check up. It took me along time to get them in and out the first time, but I was with the doctor. When I was alone the first time I freaked! I'm getting much better and my fear of the eye has gone down a lot. This weird guy the works at the desk in my dorm always will comment whether I am wearing my glasses or not. Every time I pass him. He kind of scares me...

Last night Chi-T and I realized we were the only two people on the entire floor. It was so quiet and boring that we started to run around, dance, do gymnastics and other crazy things. We then settled down to play some games and whatnot. Another girl that plays video games. Those are rare to come by.

I will not get fat, I will not get fat, I will not get fat, I will not get fat, I will not get fat, I will not get fat!

Who am I convincing? You or me?

I really need to get back to homework. Stop distracting ME!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Do Ya?

Two commercials that have caught my eye. Why am I posting them? Simply because I have nothing else to post and I need to entertain those of you who like to spy on the "Inner Me." Maybe these commercials say something about me... ;)

The band's name is Peaches. She is a crazy woman FYI!

Next one is everyone's favorite girl!

Oh, Audrey! You sure can dance to AC/DC! Patrick sure loves her. The Gap makes pretty good commercials! Unlike Old Navy, though I like their clothes better.

It is poring down rain here and I love the thunder!

Stina and I recently bought The Sims 2, and at the request of many people on my floor, I created them in the world. I am now obsessed. It's funny though how I like creating a life I never will have. To live out my dreams and fantasies through The Sims. It is surprising how many people want to kill Sims in the game. It's one of the first things said when they find out I have the game. That and sex.

Last weekend I went to Naperville to visit Zachary. Since I know he reads this, I will say I had a delightful time. ;) It was fun though to meet new people and to gossip like days gone bye. After eating that food I did feel I needed to take a few more trips to the Lou though...

I don't want to recount every single detail of the past however many days since I've last blogged. Only Zachary and Miles do that one! I still feel lonely but I know friendships will come eventually.


Tomorrow I leave back for Batavia so I can get my election judge training. I didn’t sign up but for some reason they thought I did or assumed. I don’t mind too much and welcome the extra money I will take in. I always need that. I can’t wait until I am in debt after school!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hide and Seek

Wow, ten days. A lot has happened, but sometimes I just can't write anything. But I will try.

I forgot how hard it is to make good lasting friendships. Yes I have friends that I have made at school, but I still feel alone. I miss everyone and I'm afraid I won't make friendships like I had. I was so content with my surroundings and friends and now everything has been pulled out from underneath me. When I go home I wont even have a room anymore.

I was given a warning about the West Side of campus. "It's nice, but it has a way of cutting you off from the world." Apart from my lack of current news and knowledge about what is going on in the world overall, I also feel very separated from the main campus. With only two dorms on the west side right now and the third larger one being renovated there seems to be no life.

But if I weren’t in the city, I wouldn’t be able to witness a fight on an overly crowded train or be asked for money every block or a drunken bachlorette party on a trolley hitting people on the street with a large penis or watch a paralyzed man go over the Chicago river via a tightrope. The last one is going to happen at the Merchandise Mart coming soon.

I'm becoming poor fast. The city has a way with my pocketbook. Plus the girls like to take me shopping, something they should learn not to do. I know being rich doesn’t bring happiness, but it will buy me the stuff I want and need. I haven't been robbed yet. I must intimidate them.

I need to go get a haircut...

I still feel like a stranger to this city. I don't know where to go, what to do. You can’t miss what to think. Anti-Bush. Along with my school. Every professor so far has in one way or another brought the topic to how they dislike Bush. It's almost annoying. I'm no Republican but I disassociate myself with the Democrats everyday. I almost had a job with the Democratic National Convention until I realized their strategy was based on hating Bush and hating Republicans. You can hate Bush but don’t base your party on that. Once he's gone what do you have? And as for hating Republicans, they have the views they have because they have to. There must be division and disagreement for democracy. There can’t be one party. The Democrats were focused on killing Republicans. But then when they are gone what next? So I ditched them.

I've also been looking for other random jobs such as a test subject. Some psychological research here at UIC is supposed to call me back. I've heard sperm banks are great sources for money, but I don't know how I would feel knowing I have children that I will never know. There is one right down the street from me... Worst comes to worst, the Target here is amazing! It's two floors and has an escalator for your cart! It blew my mind away so much that I stood there for about two minutes watching it. Is it weird that I almost miss working there??

It's time for a new life to being.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Long Time, No See?

I know I haven't posted in a long time. But in all honesty, how do I describe what's going on?

Basically classes have started. The classes I am taking now force me to question whether I even left high school.
History 100 - Beginning of Time - 1648, cliché history class
Modern Greek 101 - Good class!
English 160 - Shoot me. I hate English classes
Classics 102 - Good, boring at times added to the fact that we don't do anything
LAS 110 - Success in the City - I hate this class. It's stupid, sucks, and the teacher is a slight bitch, pardon my French.

The one thing about classes I like here is my ability to

A) Not go if I so wish, though most of my professors take attendance.
B) Go outside and not be stuck in one building all day
C) There is no C.

All in all I'm having a great time. Like I said before, the people here are good and I've made some good friends. But that’s just the Polk Street way I guess. Wow that was bad.

I keep telling myself everyday, "Don't get fat! Don't get fat!" I try to eat healthy more often and I've cut pop/soda out of my diet a good amount of the time. Once I get into the hang of things, I'm going to start to work out every week. By the time I come back I will be a powerhouse of muscle...Have you puked yet? Stop laughing at me! I can do it...

I declared my minor! I now am majoring in History with a minor in Anthropology.

Yeah, I think I'm done.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Battle of Who Could Care Less

It never stops raining. Except for the past few minutes Uranus has been mating with Ge. I just got out of classics class. Don't ask.

My first day of class, I woke up late. Not late as in "I missed my class," but later than I wanted to get up. I rushed out the door putting on clothes fitting for a warm sunny day. I was soaked before I reached the bus stop. I also forgot to buy some books and notebooks. The whole day I seemed to be behind, never able to catch up. I was wet, cold and pissed by the time I arrived back at my dorm.

Today I woke up on time, though getting to an 11 o'clock class is not hard. I decided I needed to shave and it was a perfect time to use my new electric shaver. I had used it once before and it didn't cut very close and left patches of hair. However the manual says it takes time getting used to it. So I gave it my time.

I should shave every morning, that way it doesn’t leave as much behind. However I am lazy and shave every few days. After I went through once, I had an uneven strange looking beard. I kept going over it but it didn't seem to do much. So I brought my trimmer out which also can double as a small shaver. It was still in its shiny new package that I broke a pair of scissors trying to open. I need to explain to Pat why his scissors are now in two pieces.

After struggling with the package for five minutes, I got to use it. However, I had never charged it. It died within three seconds. So I gave it some time to charge while I got dressed. I came back and used the regular shaver some more. Now my bathroom has no storage space or counters, except a small metal overhang off the mirror, which is broken, and hangs down a bit. I foolishly set my trimmer on this piece of crap. It fell into the toilet. Things started to go south from there.

My shaver decided to eject the blades on its own will. I could not get them back on. I relied on my small, wet trimmer to do the rest of the job. But it still was not charged enough. I had very little time left to get to the shuttle and get to my class. I had no choice but to leave my face as is. Again I hope it would be nice out. The moment I stepped out those doors it started to drizzle. When I got to the east side it was pouring.

Apart from this my phone is falling apart, literally. The plating is starting to come up making my keys harder to reach and harder to use. Basically everything has gone to hell.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Emily Wood, Stop Spying on Me!

That's right, I'm on to you woman. The moment I leave you start spying on this blog. Maybe I will close it down. Thanks for letting Mom and Dad in on it too! Good thing I didn't put "questionable" material on this blog...

Will I ever escape this family? When if ever are you going to move out? I'm a big boy now.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Is It Any Wonder?

The past few days have crawled by and I feel like I've been here longer than I really have. The morning I moved in I was anxious and unsure of what to do or think. However sad it may be to leave your family, it's also exciting to go off and start a new life apart from them. My mother was also very sick and unable to see my off. Sort of a downer, but nonetheless I am only 45 minutes to an hour away.

My dorm isn't as big as I would have liked, but after some reorganizing it looks much better. I'm very glad that I like most of the people here. Within the first day alone I met very nice and funny people. I hope I don't scare them. I can be very weird...

I found out how much of an escape the Internet is and how often we use it. I never realized before...

I've wandered around the city, walked far, VERY far, and figured out how to use the el. The el is the train/subway system for all of you non-city folk. Now if I could only figure out those damn buses I would be good!

I woke up to the strong smell of marijuana this morning. I was wondering if I was going to get high of the fumes. Welcome to college!

The food is not bad here. I get one meal a day at the cafeteria, and then about $500 for the semester to use anywhere including the fast food restaurants littered around campus. However $500 on my stomach may not be enough. I'm trying to eat healthy! And I walk a lot so I think I'm safe from the "Freshman 15."

There was a foam party the other night. It was a bit lame, but I am a lame person so of course I jumped right in. However I did not know the dangers of this foam. It stung the eyes, and hid a small concrete structure that killed many people. But the worst vice of all happened when none other than your friendly/clumsy buffoon, Michael Wood, accidentally swallowed a large chunk of foam. I gasped for air as I struggled out of the foam. As I started to dry heave the head RA was asking me if I was all right. Do I look all right? How about some water? I didn't go back in.

This blog is very sporadic and not linear in its time frame. Confused? So am I.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Penis Hurts

Simply stated, this blog is a very straightforward.

I was in Sam's pool for her little get together for the people leaving for college i.e. Merika, Miles, Zachary, Ian, Melissa and I. We were at her aunt's house with pool, food and good times. After hours of swimming/eating I felt a small tinge, though thought nothing of it at first. As I was playing with the goggles and snorkel, my "member" started to burn intensely. And not just anywhere on Mr. Dick, right on his head where there are more nerve endings than anywhere else on my body. Why am I cursed?

After getting out of the pool and inspecting my package I thought it best not to go back into the pool with the chlorine and all...

The rest of the day I struggled to get by. Walking became a chore and everywhere I went I had to hold it, looking as if I was hiding something else...

Amy's mom is a nurse. So Kayla thought it best to ask her what to do. She recommended a warm shower and a good washing. And I followed her instructions. The pain was so extreme my massive sunburn felt like a soothing massage.

If it still hurts tomorrow morning I'm going to a doctor!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

...but now I am

Night changes many thoughts. I am now prepared and excited to move on. At the party tonight, I wasn't sad, surprisingly, as I said goodbye to people I may not see until next winter, the people I have grown to love and be with.

This sounds bad but hear me out. I'm not sad to say goodbye to everyone. Not that I won't miss them. In fact I will miss many of them too much to express. But I am glad that they will also be moving on in their lives, having different and exciting futures. It's the course of life. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Wow, I guess that has duel meanings in my life these days...

My room is becoming bare and ugly. My whole life is either packed into a box sitting around my room or either in a trash heap far away where it will decompose for years. Or do they burn trash? I've moved many times before, but this is different. I will be alone. Away from my family, my friends and my dogs! Oh lord I don't know what I will do without Graeme by my side. I know this sounds pathetic right? But he has been MY dog and my best friend for six years now. I don't know what he will do all alone with that bitch Maggie ruling the house. The brat.

To my friends I say goodbye. I don't know if I will ever find people as interesting, quirky and loving than the ones I have now. I will miss you all dearly and I hope the best to you all in life. I'm sorry for whatever stupid thing I did to you. I'm sorry if I ever treated you wrongly. I'm sorry if I wasn't there for you. I'm sorry if I didn't get to know you.

Come to Chicago sometime. I will show you a good time...once I know my way around...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Now that I stand on the edge, I don't want to jump

The past few days have been quite an experience. Saturday morning I left with Kayla, Ian and Amy to Lakewood, WI to stay with her grandfather for a few days. The first day alone we did enough tubing to make my arms fall off. That night however we laid on the boat and watched the stars. It's amazing how small one feels when they look out to the massive galaxy above.

I was completely relaxed, something I had not been for a while. I forgot everything that night, and didn't want to come back. Apart from boating and tubing we also went hiking in the woods, which I found amazing though others where either unimpressed or angry. I realized how much we humans don't stop our lives once in awhile and look around us. Maybe that's the solution to all the world's problems, people just need to relax once in awhile.

The last day we went white-water rafting. The rapids weren't too difficult though we did manage to get stuck on quite a few rocks. The drops were good and an amazing rush. Amy did fall in once and got stuck more than usual to the amusement of us all.

Today however I managed to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies. The extended versions of course. I went over to Gabby's house at 9 am. We finished at 11:11 pm. Why do I pay attention to these things? Because I'm special like that. It was nice to spend time with her alone one last time. Watching all three in a row also makes it more special and gives the movies more emotion because you feel like you have been with them on this long journey and have experienced everything they have.

And as the boat leaves for Valinor carrying some of the most important people in all Middle Earth and as the friends say goodbye for the last time I am reminded of my soon departure. I heard a line from some song that happens to be the title of this blog. And it describes my thoughts. I don't want to leave this life behind. Everything I know is here in this town (however boring it may be) and in my friends. And now, all will be pulled up from underneath me and I will be facing life full force. I know this is what I have wanted for years, but why am I not excited?

Corny? I know. Emo? Definitely!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Time to Dance?

I apologize for that last blog. I was in a little Debbie downer mood and content to whine and complain about life until I made myself feel better. But onto new things!

Oh wait, nothing has happened. Really. This week I only worked two nights, so that meant waking up late to a small collie taking up half my bed and leaving a sea of hair all over me. Disgusting? I know! I'm just in a constant state of waiting, and anticipation to the day I move out!!

This is a very boring blog. I felt that I needed to post something because it has been awhile, but I have found myself doing nothing the past week. Help me!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'm alone. No spouse, lover, friend with benefits or even a one-night stand. I've always said I like the single life, and I do. But I also wish I had someone to be with. I see all the couples and best friends around me and realize I'm all alone. And yes, I know most of it is my fault. I've avoided a relationship since day one of high school. Plenty of girls have wanted my attention, but I have rejected them. On a worldly level, some weren't of astonishing beauty. And on a deeper level I knew they weren't the one I wanted to spend my life with. Some of my friends said, "You need practice." I say Love doesn’t need practice. Do I expect to Love at first sight? I guess so. Is that unrealistic? Probably. Will I ever Love?

As I drove home from bowling, it hit me. It was nice outside and I just wanted to drive around. I ended up at the middle school and sat on my car looking up at the black sky with the stars I could see. And at that moment I wished I had someone to share it with. My loneliness hit me. It happens at random moments in my life.

And now that my dog has just puked next to me I have lost my train of thought. This emotional (emo) blog is over!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My World

Let me tell you a story. It happened last night at Target right at 10 pm when the store closed. I was helping at the front lanes to get the last of the guests, as we call them, out of the store.

A lady in my lane scoffed about how long I took with the last guest. I'm sorry but the previous guest wanted her Peanut M&M's. There was nothing I could do about it. After I scanned all her items, the total came to $31.43. I remember the exact amount because I was so angry.

She had a gift card with $8.21 on it. I scanned it and it deducted $8.21 from the total cost. On the screen it said "Payment: $8.21" She than gave me $8.21 thinking that is what she owed when in reality she owed about $23.22 I was not paying attention took it. I typed in an extra $8.21 in cash, but there was still $15.01 to be paid. I told her and she took the cash back from me. She thought she owed only $15.01.

Since she took the cash back from me, I asked another cashier how to cancel out the tender that was paid to me. He didn't know. I told her that $8.21 is going to be added to the amount due since she took the money back. She started blaming me for overcharging her and kept telling me it was my fault. I calmly tried to explain it to her, but she wouldn't listen.

Something snapped. She blamed me. I wasn't going to take any more crap. I take shit from people everyday at Target and I am tired of it. So I got mad, and she could clearly see it, as did the other cashier who promptly called the manager of the front lanes. Jen came over and I explained the situation to her. After I was done, the "guest" said, "No, this is how it really happened," and said how I told her she owed $8.21 and then added another $8.21 to the total cost.

Jen is not stupid and saw what happened and explained it to the lady. It took a few more tries but she finally understood. Even though Jen was saying the same thing I was, the lady understood her cause she didn't want to listen to me. It was very awkward after Jen left and the guest paid for the rest.

In retrospect, it wasn't a big deal, but like I said, something snapped inside of me and I got very mad. It had been a long day.

The picture, that is how I felt.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Memoirs of A Hat

I got my MacBook! Thank Vishnu! I’m writing this post on it right now. I have taken her virginity. She is my honey-buns and we will make sweet love together!

Anyway, back to my life...

I went to Big Woods today to play some ultimate Frisbee with Stan, Stan's brother, Cory, David and his brother, Darin, Andre and Steve. Miles and Ian joined us later. Despite the heat and the player’s lack of stamina including me, we played on. Lots of sweat, Gatorade and slurpees later I felt good. I had actually gone outside and was active. And I got to hang around with people I don't normally see. Some of them I don't see for a reason, but that is beside the point.

After that I went to go see Lady in Water with Ian, Devin, Amy and Lindsay at Charlestown. But before the movie started we went shopping where a fatal and tragic event happened. My hat, 77, was lost. I didn't notice until after the movie ended. I believe I left it in Bath and Bodyworks due to me trying on hand lotions. I must have set it down when I tried to wash the nasty crap off my hands. I am so absent minded that it scares me.

The movie. I loved it! I think Shamalan (sp?) is an amazing writer and director. His work is original and the way he shoots his movies is creative and simply amazing. I loved every minute of it. However, the rest did not. After the movie ended, Amy and Devin started laughing. It made me more confused than mad. Why didn't they love it? But all is relative and because I loved it doesn’t mean they have to. Unless I make them. Which I will.

Ian on the other hand, didn't say anything when the movie ended but claimed he thought the same thing that Devin and Amy where saying. Then after hearing my rant on how good it is, suddenly he thought it was "O.K." I'm onto you Ian!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Naperville: #2 Town in America

I woke up yesterday morning to three things:
1) One dog was scared of the storms and shoved his face into mine hoping I would console him
2) The other dog decided to lie on my bed and take up half of the room, leaving little for me
3) A horrible and never-ending thirst

I tried everything. Brushing my teeth, eating cereal, drinking juice even a little bit of water. But nothing quenched my thirst. I knew what I wanted. Lemonade. But it was 9 am! Isn't against some unwritten rule to drink sugary things that early? I didn't care. I hurried over to Target and bought the lemonade that was calling to me. As I drank it, I knew it was the best lemonade ever.

Being bored and having nothing to do, I watched the movie I got from the library. The Machinist. Christian Bale (Batman Begins) was the main character. He was 120 lbs. Worse than me. Worse than Paul. Every bone of his body was sticking out. His head was all skull and skin. I about puked. The plot line doesn’t matter. The skeleton walking around distracted me.

A bunch of us went to Naperville last night as well. The list included Ian, Kayla, Tim, Christina, Lindsay, Megan, Devin, Kyle and Jimmy. We ate at Mongolian Barbecue. It was do-your-own Stir Fry and a lot of fun. The place was busing with fun, heat/steam and the price was a wee bit high. Afterward we walked around the town stopping at Barnes and Noble. As the night and heat dragged on we found and funny looking fountain and what else would we do but jump in to the amazement of many bystanders. We had ourselves some drunken fun without any alcohol. The drive home was a bit drenched but it was worth it.

The last get together before the inevitable. :(

Monday, July 17, 2006

You take care of my kids, or I'll get you in Hell.

His last words spoken to anyone on this earth. To my Grandmother. He is my ancestor, my blood, my Grandfather. My family's skeleton in the closet. He wrote to his brother before leaving this earth.

"By the time you read this I will have done a very terrible thing. I want you to do me a favor. Sell everything I got and some how give it to the kids. If you can take them to live with you and be a good dad to them. I tried and was doing a pretty decent job. (I thought.)
If you could possibly do this for me I will be eternally grateful. Tell the kids what happened and why. Never let the truth be buried from them. We are all part of the human race that doesn’t like to be lied too.
...Well, Joe this is it. I feel like I am going to pull up to the front lines. Tell everybody I pulled some boners in my life but I'll bet this is the last one. Tell mom I sure am cold sober too. But I have to have something before I do it.
With Brotherly Love, Bob."

He then proceeded to go to my Grandma's parent's house (my great-grandparents). There he planned to take my grandma and kill her where he would follow with suicide. However her parents fought him, and he shot both of them. My mom and four uncles were very young. However one of my uncles (I don't know which one) did witness the events.

My grandfather hit my grandma with the butt of the gun, causing her to fall down. He then called his family and told them what he had done. They pleaded with him to stop but he refused. He asked them to come pick the kids up so he could finish killing my grandma. They were unable to. My uncle cried out to his father to stop. He wouldn't. My uncle wanted to go with his father. Bob wouldn't allow it.

He looked at my grandma and said "You take care of my kids, or I'll get you in Hell." He then walked outside and when the police showed up, he shot himself in the head.

I have known about this for a while, though my family doesn’t talk about it. My mom has been searching for everything about that night and recently, she found his journal. It isn't long and only documents his last few days before he committed the act. I read what I could. His handwriting in the beginning is horrible. Almost looks as if a kid wrote it. Words are misspelled and sentences don't make sense. But by the end, it changes into amazing cursive that is too good for me to even read.

I still don't know why he did it. His diary talks about the "Truth" of why he left, the "Truth" of his actions but it makes no sense to me. My grandma will not talk about it. And I am afraid her secrets will die with her.

They say I look a lot like him. The picture above is of my grandparents on their wedding day. I never knew my grandfather. I only know him by pictures, the police report on the table downstairs, and his short diary that was hidden from us until now.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Shuffle Up and Deal

Did Texas really create Texas hold-em? Or did they just want to attach their name to boost their pride even further? The latter sounds good to me. Another poker night! YAY!

It started out a little shaky. With a $5 fee to get in and my chips dwindling, I was not the happiest camper alive. But I soon forgot the game and relaxed. Had some good/strange times. Introduced the group to the meaning of losing one's blob. The chips had a mind of their own and started flowing to me. Slowly at first but by the end, much faster.

I am writing this half awake. It probably doesn’t make much sense.

Lindsay, Kyle went out. Ian was next but bought another set of chips to our dismay. Isaac also went out but followed suit with Ian. He didn't last long. The chips liked me better. Ian again was running out, and the chips were flowing between Amy and I when disaster struck. Lindsay, our card-dealer, became tired and left. But she is a sly one. A fox in disguise.

I told you, I'm tired.

As we saw her pull away, Amy realized the $40 pot was gone. And who had it? We blamed Lindsay. As we watched her cruelly drive away, we called her. "I wanted to get you ice-cream," she said. We were furious. And yet all of us knew she wouldn't do it. We all hoped she wouldn't do it. Ian and Isaac took off in haste after her in the Maroket, when Lindsay led us via phone to the true hiding place of the money. Amy's mom!

But we aren't ready to hand the money right back to Isaac and Ian. What shall become of this $40? Only time will tell.

I get some!! I was so winning!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Foamed Mouth

It's coming! It's coming! My baby is coming! In 5 buisness days it shall be here. I shall hold it to my bosom like a new born infant that wants to suckle from its mother's teat.

Now that you are done puking I will tell you what I mean. My MacBook is on its way. And I am giddy like a schoolgirl who has just lost her virginity.

What is with these metaphors I am making?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Do I Really Need A Title?

I hated every person that walked through those doors. I glared at them, in my mind of course. If they knew for one second they were not wanted, they would complain and I would be jobless. I'm a slave to other people's wills. I only stay there because they entice me with money, more than other places pay.

I was scheduled to work yesterday, the Fourth of July, from 5-11pm. That meant no fireworks for Michael. I sped through my work and at 8 asked my boss if I could go early. She agreed only if I did more work. Another hour of boring repetitive tasks and I was out the door. The parking lot was full. People sitting outside theirs cars, having parties, waiting for the fireworks. But I needed to leave! As I (carefully) sped through the crowded parking lot, I noticed they had blocked off the entrance/exit. I was angry/confused/tired/hurried/needing to pee. Luckily they had one open and were directing traffic. I was the only person leaving. They all looked at me like I was the biggest inconvenience ever. The feeling was mutual.

After more crowd surfing in my car I got to my street, which happened to be packed with more people who did not live there. I admit. I was going fast. But A) It's my street B) I had to get to Paul's before the fireworks C) Did I mention I live there and not all of these people? I got yelled at to slow down. Yes, I needed to slow down, but how dare this woman say such a thing to me. I live here. I have seen people use my street for traffic. I have seen people with their loud engines show off down my street. I have seen accidents and people lying on the pavement, a bloody mess. I yelled back "I live here!" I may have flicked her off. Not too sure. I was focused on getting home.

My dogs were surprised. Why is he home? What's going on? I was in such a rush it scared them. But I got my crap and started running. I found my family and their friends and talked to them for a while. And then I ran again. I took another short break at the school were a drunk girl happened to see me and started to dance with me. I ran again, this time even faster. I saw small fireworks going off in the distance and I knew I was missing fun.

Other than that it was a normal Fourth of July with the explosions, drunks and people angry with you cause you are disrespectful and don't love America because somehow America is the best country alive. I don't know about you, but I think there are much better places in this world, such as Western Europe, Brazil, Istanbul, Tajikistan (cool name), Israel, Japan and Antarctica. It's the one place in this world where you don't owe allegiance to anyone! How cool is that?

How do I end this blog...

Sunday, July 02, 2006


You know when you’re bored? What do you do? Sit around the house. Watch some TV. Play some games. Read a book. All of those are fun at times, but after you have exhausted every option then what do you do? Maybe call some friends and debate about what to do. After an hour or thinking what to do, you go to a friends house and watch a movie. Movies are good, but you've watched one almost everyday, and you want to spice your life up. Do something new. However your stuck in good ole Batavia, Illinois and what can you do? Nothing other than what is mentioned above. Welcome to my life.

I tried adding some of those spices by getting together with people I have never hung with but somehow know. Their names, Mackenzie and Natalie Brooks. I know what your thinking. He takes two ladies out to Noodles and Co. for a pimping date. Get your mind out off the gutter. Mackenzie has a boyfriend and Natalie is 13. You sick freak.

I had a good time with my ladies and will soon break that social barrier of Natalie's. She will break through. I am determined. The Brooks are so funny/witty/cool. That's right Zachary, we had fun. :-D

They soon had to go home and I was again left alone. Thank god Miles suggested calling Mike Meaden, or we would never had found our heaven! Mike and Cory took Miles, Zachary and I to a place we never knew existed but we hoped was out there in the endless shops and stores that we care nothing about. It is called The Cave. Games, food and hanging for a relative cheap price. Other than the very hot and uncomfortable heat, it was everything I wanted. I rocked out to Franz Ferdinand in Guitar Hero. I'm not the best but soon will be. I will dream of that place until I can go back. It is my long lost love, or really the love I never had. "Oh Michael, when will you date?" Who knows? Not me. Not you.

Now I am faced with a dilemma. What do I do? Go to church/appease my family/become holy? Or go to the flea market/be social/see Zachary before he leaves/buy something cool? Do I dare stir the pot and not go to church? Do I dare face the wrath of my parents? Do I want to go to hell? Possibly.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Last Chance

So, before we all leave for college a few of my friends and I want to go on a trip. We discussed road trips and camping trips. Why not both at the same time? A road trip to somewhere far (or sort of far) and then camping. My ideal vacation would be backpacking. However this is impossible right now due to the amount of people going and the fact that I would die. I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

So we are planning on going to Custer State Park in South Dakota. A long, fun (hopefully) road trip with a few days of camping/hiking/biking. And due to Zachary going to Japan and everyone moving for college, we can only go in a very small time frame in August. I tried to plan it last night, but some of my friends (COUGH COUGH for those of you who are reading) got lazy and didn't want to do it. That's fine, but I have a sense of urgency to get this planned out, make sure everyone can go, get Paul to drive and get reservations before Zachary leaves in a week or so.

I got frustrated at them and I feel sorry. But we need to get this thing done quick before it turns into all of our other "escapades" meaning nothing happens. Remember the "secret island camping?" Course you don't. It never happened. If we get everything organized, our parents may be more willing to let us go. And everything hangs on Paul. If he doesn't go, we need a car. Of course Paul was "busy" last night "watching" a movie with Aimee even though I told him we were going to try and plan it before hand and he said he would come!!!! AAAAHHH!!!

Calm down Michael. Don't become a bitch.

On the flip side, my parents have left the state for the weekend and I am free from their evil clutches! In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. "Free at last we are free at last!"

Now I feel bad for using such great words for my very stupid cause...

The picture: The Yew Trees from Hampton Court Palace in England. Beautiful, yet deadly. Very poisonous. Don't touch unless you want to die.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Purgatory a.k.a In-Between

Really, nothing eventful has happened, happening or will happen (so I believe). Some people have wondered why I have not blogged as of late (Zachary) and it's because my life is boring. It is not always this way, just in this purgatory I'm in between high school and college. I believe its called summer, but I haven't been able to tell. Summer hasn’t meant much ever since sophomore year in high school. Sure, I do things with my friends. But it still isn’t the same now that I work. I remember the days where I would burnt red all over my body except for my feet which would be pitch black. What good days those were. Thank you Target for consuming my life. But if it wasn’t Target, then something else would be eating me. Let's just be glad I don't work at places such as the Woof Wash or the Library... ;)

I earned that biggest spender award at Devin's party. After paying almost $300 back just to make up for my numerous "bounces" and hefty fees, I realized something has to change. No more Starbucks during work anymore. No more trips to the mall. No more $40 pair of shorts...or where they $60? I’m going "cold turkey" style. Maybe I will start a budget. However it is very difficult to know my monthly income when it changes every two weeks. But I need to start saving more and being chaste...with my money that is.

The "Freshman 15" scares me. Even though I may be a pile of bones right now, I have seen people plump out fairly quickly. I have become much more aware of all the crap I eat. And it's not even gaining weight that scares me. Diabetes runs in my family, and I am addicted to sugar. Pop is a rare thing in my house anymore, which is good. Water will do me just fine. But there are cookies and chocolate stored in the secret places of my home that will kill me one day. These are my goals. Spend wisely and eat healthy. Now, to actually achieve them...

Again, the picture above has no correlation to my blog. I just like it.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bring It On Real World!

Yet another reminder of my impending college days. Last night was my graduation party, which consisted of little children running around, people EVERYWHERE in my house, lots of unhealthy food, and freezing cold temperatures. Though it became very hectic at times and the some of the kids became very annoying to say the least, it was still very enjoyable. After the older crowd left, us "youngins" had a nice small bonfire in my backyard. Devin wanted us to join hers, however some of the people didn't know Devin and were having a good time at my house. So we just decided to stay.

I was very worried that people would be standing around, bored as hell and not eating. Many of my friends clinged on to my Gamecube via Super Smash Bros. Melee for entertainment. I was not happy with the temperature, but many people did go outside and played with the kids or were warmed by the fire while making 'smores.

I am glad that I was able to be surrounded by my good friends one last time before we all go our own ways. It's depressing to think about and almost makes me wish I wasn't going to college. Almost.

The picture above has nothing to do with my party. It is another of the series Zachary, Merika and I took of the broken down places in Batavia.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Forgotten

Life in Batavia is...boring to say the least. In reality, there is much to do, but as Midwest rich brats, we have exhausted these options and are bored with them. So we seek adventure rather than sit around. Today, since this boredom was bothering us and I was forced out of my home due to carpet cleaning, Merika, Zachary and I explored. And with a camera!

We found two deserted (we think) factories or warehouses. In fact, we don't know what they were. They were both filled with random junk, some old, some new. And it all had this weird vibe. The spoils, other than sentimental memories, were not great. However a few good shots were taken, the one above being one, and two tins were found. One was an old tobacco tin and the other had candy from God-knows-when.

These are the forgotten places. The buildings that people pass by in the luxury cars and SUVs without a second glance. Zachary noted that it looked like a third world country, and how right he was. It is ironic that less than a mile from these dark spots is fanciful and large houses, shops and people. However, nothing lasts forever.

The Pre-College Life

Well a few days ago I went to my college orientation. I wonder where the time has gone. It feels as if 2000 was not too far back. And as time keeps moving forward, I am hit in the face with the critical question, "What the hell am I going to do with my life?!" But for now, all it takes are baby steps, and my first was orientation.

It is always awkward, being thrown into a new situation with complete strangers. I have a very shy tendency when around new people and for most of the time, I hid myself behind a barrier of silence. I was frustrated with myself but I was unable to find any words to say. However, at times I was more social. The dance party a.k.a Club Inferno was interesting. It sounds gay, and in a way it was. But I did shake my white "thang" and danced with almost complete strangers. It is weird how you can get to know someone without even knowing their name.

One of the biggest aspects of UIC that I love is the diversity. I was so tired of my white-washed surroundings that meeting and knowing people from other ethnicities and backgrounds is exciting. One of the exercises that we did as group really changed the mood and made me feel better even while they were reading off all the racial slurs. We are all racist in some way.

After all was said and done, I walked through Chicago and took in my surroundings. I love the city. And even as I walked though unknown places, I was happy. For once in my life I was alone, and totally self-dependent in a foreign place. Most people would say I am crazy, and I would agree with them. The train ride home was interesting. I always like how when you sit next to some stranger, the awkward tension is like an invisible barrier that brings two people as far apart as possible. It's weird how nobody wants to sit next to someone they don't know, even me. I had to break that wall in my mind. Soon, I will be a city-slicker. I know, that scares me to.