Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The End

SO I gave up the whole painting thing. WAY too much for me to handle and totally not my thing. I've learned a lot about myself. My strengths, my weaknesses and everything I need to improve. But in the end, running my own painting business is not a good fit for me. However, I still owe a lot of money and to get myself out of this fully, I can't just cut and run. I will continue to be a sales manager for another franchisee, maybe two, because that is what I am good at.

With my free time I plan to
-Live in Chicago
-Be with Johnny
-Tan (Yes, I know. But I am already half way there!)
-Read more books
-Wake up early
-Learn to cook
-Be with friends
-Have a relaxing summer
-Regain my sanity

The relief of it all makes me so happy! And then off to Greece!

(Short post but I am sure you do not want to hear the intimate details of my failed business)
Photo by Susan Bright

Monday, June 02, 2008

Recap My Month

Ok, so I haven't posted in forever. And my life has changed dramatically, again. Let's sum it up in one short run-on sentence.

So, I am back together with Johnny because I really am in love and it hurts not to be with him and it would be stupid for me to deny my feelings for him so we decided to move out of Pilsen cause it is dangerous and we don't like the gang-bangers and thugs and trash so we now live in Wrigleyville which is amazing and we love it cause it is always a party over there though we always see drunk guys playing bags and we don't get the obsession but anyway I also have no life cause of my painting and I should not have joined cause it is not who I am but I am committed and I need money to go to Greece which I cannot wait for cause I am so fucking excited.

Jesus, that was fun.

The Strangers is scary as hell. Go see it! Shameless promotion.

I PROMISE! From now on, I will blog more often!!!!!!!

Oh and I decided to use pictures I find off the internet cause I don't care. The picture above was taken by Wayne Rutledge.