Saturday, February 04, 2012

Oh, I forgot about this...

Oh me, oh my, it has been a very, very long time. No, I won't apologize for the lack of posts (it's been more than a year!) or make any half-assed promises to keep up with this. For all I know this may be a one-time thing? Honestly, I got nostalgic, read through a whole bunch of posts, and decided to write another.

Shall I do a recap? Nope... Okay fine, super quick.

left my job at ians to pursue a desk job at tribune did really well and loved the fact that i worked a 9-5 (really a 10-7) desk job and had free weekends but the novelty soon wore off so came back to ians as a manager and now trying to help open second store. moved in with ray but then moved back out and moved up to lakeview instead to a studio right in the heart of boystown. still have no social life and still work a shit ton.


So now what do I write about...?

My life consists of the crazy antics of Wrigleyville (I just recently pushed myself into the middle of a big fight with a lot of big, and I mean big, men. No fear), trying to manage a restaurant (lots of late nights, employees getting mad at you for messing things up, and random calls that I have to go take care of), and trying to have a relationship (there's a kid in the mix too that always needs to either go poop outdoors in the cold or wants to be fed). And no social life.

I didn't imagine my life would be here. In fact, and you can read my past posts, I really wanted to be in the Middle East with the Peace Corps right now. My life would have been so much different, but I can't really say better. I'm happy with where I'm at and the path I'm on. If I do this right, I could own my own business concept and that is incredibly exciting! I'm also very much in love with my man! Let me be honest - I am an emotional being. I love drama, fighting, and a whole lot of sass, and well, that makes a relationship difficult. But he puts up with me and loves me regardless.

In fact, I'm kind of tired and have to close tonight anyway, so I'm going to go cuddle up with him and Dakota and go back to sleep. Adios!