Monday, September 18, 2006

Hide and Seek

Wow, ten days. A lot has happened, but sometimes I just can't write anything. But I will try.

I forgot how hard it is to make good lasting friendships. Yes I have friends that I have made at school, but I still feel alone. I miss everyone and I'm afraid I won't make friendships like I had. I was so content with my surroundings and friends and now everything has been pulled out from underneath me. When I go home I wont even have a room anymore.

I was given a warning about the West Side of campus. "It's nice, but it has a way of cutting you off from the world." Apart from my lack of current news and knowledge about what is going on in the world overall, I also feel very separated from the main campus. With only two dorms on the west side right now and the third larger one being renovated there seems to be no life.

But if I weren’t in the city, I wouldn’t be able to witness a fight on an overly crowded train or be asked for money every block or a drunken bachlorette party on a trolley hitting people on the street with a large penis or watch a paralyzed man go over the Chicago river via a tightrope. The last one is going to happen at the Merchandise Mart coming soon.

I'm becoming poor fast. The city has a way with my pocketbook. Plus the girls like to take me shopping, something they should learn not to do. I know being rich doesn’t bring happiness, but it will buy me the stuff I want and need. I haven't been robbed yet. I must intimidate them.

I need to go get a haircut...

I still feel like a stranger to this city. I don't know where to go, what to do. You can’t miss what to think. Anti-Bush. Along with my school. Every professor so far has in one way or another brought the topic to how they dislike Bush. It's almost annoying. I'm no Republican but I disassociate myself with the Democrats everyday. I almost had a job with the Democratic National Convention until I realized their strategy was based on hating Bush and hating Republicans. You can hate Bush but don’t base your party on that. Once he's gone what do you have? And as for hating Republicans, they have the views they have because they have to. There must be division and disagreement for democracy. There can’t be one party. The Democrats were focused on killing Republicans. But then when they are gone what next? So I ditched them.

I've also been looking for other random jobs such as a test subject. Some psychological research here at UIC is supposed to call me back. I've heard sperm banks are great sources for money, but I don't know how I would feel knowing I have children that I will never know. There is one right down the street from me... Worst comes to worst, the Target here is amazing! It's two floors and has an escalator for your cart! It blew my mind away so much that I stood there for about two minutes watching it. Is it weird that I almost miss working there??

It's time for a new life to being.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Long Time, No See?

I know I haven't posted in a long time. But in all honesty, how do I describe what's going on?

Basically classes have started. The classes I am taking now force me to question whether I even left high school.
History 100 - Beginning of Time - 1648, cliché history class
Modern Greek 101 - Good class!
English 160 - Shoot me. I hate English classes
Classics 102 - Good, boring at times added to the fact that we don't do anything
LAS 110 - Success in the City - I hate this class. It's stupid, sucks, and the teacher is a slight bitch, pardon my French.

The one thing about classes I like here is my ability to

A) Not go if I so wish, though most of my professors take attendance.
B) Go outside and not be stuck in one building all day
C) There is no C.

All in all I'm having a great time. Like I said before, the people here are good and I've made some good friends. But that’s just the Polk Street way I guess. Wow that was bad.

I keep telling myself everyday, "Don't get fat! Don't get fat!" I try to eat healthy more often and I've cut pop/soda out of my diet a good amount of the time. Once I get into the hang of things, I'm going to start to work out every week. By the time I come back I will be a powerhouse of muscle...Have you puked yet? Stop laughing at me! I can do it...

I declared my minor! I now am majoring in History with a minor in Anthropology.

Yeah, I think I'm done.