Friday, January 15, 2010

"It's the final countdown!"

The spaces at UIC are very unique from the newly created "smart" room with its array of confusing buttons to the classroom that looks and feels like a prison with white floors, large, gray brick walls and no windows. The latter is the exact room where I started my orientation as a freshman four years ago as well as a current room for my history class. It's strange how I seem to go in circles.

First week of classes are over and I am very excited and confident about this semester. Here are my classes for those of you who enjoy voyeuristic views into my odd life.

-Arabic 102: Pretty much the same as it was last semester. Only this time, I have to give a 10 minute presentation in Arabic about any topic I would like. Any one have any suggestions?

-Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: The name says it all - which is "awesome!" This is made even better by my very learned and passionate professor, Dr. Tobin. She is such a nice person!

-African American History in Documentary Film and Photography: I was hesitant about this three-hour long class, but the professor is a very intelligent woman and it seems that we are going to cover some really cool topics. I also get to create a film or photo collection for my final. I may recruit some friends who have more experience than I do in these fields for assistance!

-Intro to Film: Probably my least favorite class which says a lot since it is really not that bad. The work load is a little rough but this is set off by the amount of films we are watching. And I do love films!

Oh UIC, you have surprised me once again with this amazing array of classes! Now I must hope (and pray) that the school gets more of the money the State promised! If not, UIC will close and I will not be able to graduate! The professors and administration are already forced to take a certain amount of "furlough" days where they will not be paid. I think it's time to ditch Illinois in favor of a better state. Or country.

Photo by Eelus

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Zachary said...

Do your presentation on Druze!