Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crazy Right Wing

There are few things that anger me in this world. Waking me up from a wonderful sleep, bros and their bitches and right-wing nut jobs. Unfortunately, with my background in the church, I know too many of the latter group of people. With the win of Robert Brown in the Massachusetts election, a certain facebook status popped into my news feed that filled me with rage. For anonymity, I have removed the name of this individual.

This person is more than excited about the MA Senate election!! When Obama talked about change, I don't think he ever thought Ted Kennedy's seat would be held by a Republican!! Peace out health care, I can't say it's been real :)

Response to that status "Amen, sister. Turns out, God is in control."

There are many things wrong with this.
A) Goodbye universal health care? It makes you happy that thousands of people are without the basics necessities to live and they cannot afford even the most basic check-up? Way to be evil.
B) Since when has God given two fucks about what happens in the MA election? Wasn't Jesus' message one of love, understanding and compassion not defeating the evil Democrats? To me, this statement is only a stone's throw from saying God punished Haiti with the earthquake that killed over 200,000 because they are heathens. Christianity is about a personal relationship with God, at least that is how I grew up to understand it. Plus, whoever claims to know the will of God is an idiot. An idiot and a jackass.

This person's political view on facebook is labeled "I will support Obama, just as much as Democrats supported Bush the last few years." Wow, get over yourself.

All of this angered me so much that I went out and got a massive burrito to eat my anger away. Emotional eating is a slippery slope!

The moral of this short blurb is that people need to relax and not let ideologies rule their political beliefs. More importantly, they should be open to other beliefs and pragmatically approach politics. I think it's a good thing this particular person is not entering politics otherwise we would all be fucked.

Side note - Fuck the Tea Party, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh.


Best Fiction said...

So that's what pissed you off!

...what exactly are the arguments against universal health care?

PS. You always pic the best photos.

Calhoun said...

That's disturbed