Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Battle of Who Could Care Less

It never stops raining. Except for the past few minutes Uranus has been mating with Ge. I just got out of classics class. Don't ask.

My first day of class, I woke up late. Not late as in "I missed my class," but later than I wanted to get up. I rushed out the door putting on clothes fitting for a warm sunny day. I was soaked before I reached the bus stop. I also forgot to buy some books and notebooks. The whole day I seemed to be behind, never able to catch up. I was wet, cold and pissed by the time I arrived back at my dorm.

Today I woke up on time, though getting to an 11 o'clock class is not hard. I decided I needed to shave and it was a perfect time to use my new electric shaver. I had used it once before and it didn't cut very close and left patches of hair. However the manual says it takes time getting used to it. So I gave it my time.

I should shave every morning, that way it doesn’t leave as much behind. However I am lazy and shave every few days. After I went through once, I had an uneven strange looking beard. I kept going over it but it didn't seem to do much. So I brought my trimmer out which also can double as a small shaver. It was still in its shiny new package that I broke a pair of scissors trying to open. I need to explain to Pat why his scissors are now in two pieces.

After struggling with the package for five minutes, I got to use it. However, I had never charged it. It died within three seconds. So I gave it some time to charge while I got dressed. I came back and used the regular shaver some more. Now my bathroom has no storage space or counters, except a small metal overhang off the mirror, which is broken, and hangs down a bit. I foolishly set my trimmer on this piece of crap. It fell into the toilet. Things started to go south from there.

My shaver decided to eject the blades on its own will. I could not get them back on. I relied on my small, wet trimmer to do the rest of the job. But it still was not charged enough. I had very little time left to get to the shuttle and get to my class. I had no choice but to leave my face as is. Again I hope it would be nice out. The moment I stepped out those doors it started to drizzle. When I got to the east side it was pouring.

Apart from this my phone is falling apart, literally. The plating is starting to come up making my keys harder to reach and harder to use. Basically everything has gone to hell.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Emily Wood, Stop Spying on Me!

That's right, I'm on to you woman. The moment I leave you start spying on this blog. Maybe I will close it down. Thanks for letting Mom and Dad in on it too! Good thing I didn't put "questionable" material on this blog...

Will I ever escape this family? When if ever are you going to move out? I'm a big boy now.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Is It Any Wonder?

The past few days have crawled by and I feel like I've been here longer than I really have. The morning I moved in I was anxious and unsure of what to do or think. However sad it may be to leave your family, it's also exciting to go off and start a new life apart from them. My mother was also very sick and unable to see my off. Sort of a downer, but nonetheless I am only 45 minutes to an hour away.

My dorm isn't as big as I would have liked, but after some reorganizing it looks much better. I'm very glad that I like most of the people here. Within the first day alone I met very nice and funny people. I hope I don't scare them. I can be very weird...

I found out how much of an escape the Internet is and how often we use it. I never realized before...

I've wandered around the city, walked far, VERY far, and figured out how to use the el. The el is the train/subway system for all of you non-city folk. Now if I could only figure out those damn buses I would be good!

I woke up to the strong smell of marijuana this morning. I was wondering if I was going to get high of the fumes. Welcome to college!

The food is not bad here. I get one meal a day at the cafeteria, and then about $500 for the semester to use anywhere including the fast food restaurants littered around campus. However $500 on my stomach may not be enough. I'm trying to eat healthy! And I walk a lot so I think I'm safe from the "Freshman 15."

There was a foam party the other night. It was a bit lame, but I am a lame person so of course I jumped right in. However I did not know the dangers of this foam. It stung the eyes, and hid a small concrete structure that killed many people. But the worst vice of all happened when none other than your friendly/clumsy buffoon, Michael Wood, accidentally swallowed a large chunk of foam. I gasped for air as I struggled out of the foam. As I started to dry heave the head RA was asking me if I was all right. Do I look all right? How about some water? I didn't go back in.

This blog is very sporadic and not linear in its time frame. Confused? So am I.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Penis Hurts

Simply stated, this blog is a very straightforward.

I was in Sam's pool for her little get together for the people leaving for college i.e. Merika, Miles, Zachary, Ian, Melissa and I. We were at her aunt's house with pool, food and good times. After hours of swimming/eating I felt a small tinge, though thought nothing of it at first. As I was playing with the goggles and snorkel, my "member" started to burn intensely. And not just anywhere on Mr. Dick, right on his head where there are more nerve endings than anywhere else on my body. Why am I cursed?

After getting out of the pool and inspecting my package I thought it best not to go back into the pool with the chlorine and all...

The rest of the day I struggled to get by. Walking became a chore and everywhere I went I had to hold it, looking as if I was hiding something else...

Amy's mom is a nurse. So Kayla thought it best to ask her what to do. She recommended a warm shower and a good washing. And I followed her instructions. The pain was so extreme my massive sunburn felt like a soothing massage.

If it still hurts tomorrow morning I'm going to a doctor!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

...but now I am

Night changes many thoughts. I am now prepared and excited to move on. At the party tonight, I wasn't sad, surprisingly, as I said goodbye to people I may not see until next winter, the people I have grown to love and be with.

This sounds bad but hear me out. I'm not sad to say goodbye to everyone. Not that I won't miss them. In fact I will miss many of them too much to express. But I am glad that they will also be moving on in their lives, having different and exciting futures. It's the course of life. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Wow, I guess that has duel meanings in my life these days...

My room is becoming bare and ugly. My whole life is either packed into a box sitting around my room or either in a trash heap far away where it will decompose for years. Or do they burn trash? I've moved many times before, but this is different. I will be alone. Away from my family, my friends and my dogs! Oh lord I don't know what I will do without Graeme by my side. I know this sounds pathetic right? But he has been MY dog and my best friend for six years now. I don't know what he will do all alone with that bitch Maggie ruling the house. The brat.

To my friends I say goodbye. I don't know if I will ever find people as interesting, quirky and loving than the ones I have now. I will miss you all dearly and I hope the best to you all in life. I'm sorry for whatever stupid thing I did to you. I'm sorry if I ever treated you wrongly. I'm sorry if I wasn't there for you. I'm sorry if I didn't get to know you.

Come to Chicago sometime. I will show you a good time...once I know my way around...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Now that I stand on the edge, I don't want to jump

The past few days have been quite an experience. Saturday morning I left with Kayla, Ian and Amy to Lakewood, WI to stay with her grandfather for a few days. The first day alone we did enough tubing to make my arms fall off. That night however we laid on the boat and watched the stars. It's amazing how small one feels when they look out to the massive galaxy above.

I was completely relaxed, something I had not been for a while. I forgot everything that night, and didn't want to come back. Apart from boating and tubing we also went hiking in the woods, which I found amazing though others where either unimpressed or angry. I realized how much we humans don't stop our lives once in awhile and look around us. Maybe that's the solution to all the world's problems, people just need to relax once in awhile.

The last day we went white-water rafting. The rapids weren't too difficult though we did manage to get stuck on quite a few rocks. The drops were good and an amazing rush. Amy did fall in once and got stuck more than usual to the amusement of us all.

Today however I managed to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies. The extended versions of course. I went over to Gabby's house at 9 am. We finished at 11:11 pm. Why do I pay attention to these things? Because I'm special like that. It was nice to spend time with her alone one last time. Watching all three in a row also makes it more special and gives the movies more emotion because you feel like you have been with them on this long journey and have experienced everything they have.

And as the boat leaves for Valinor carrying some of the most important people in all Middle Earth and as the friends say goodbye for the last time I am reminded of my soon departure. I heard a line from some song that happens to be the title of this blog. And it describes my thoughts. I don't want to leave this life behind. Everything I know is here in this town (however boring it may be) and in my friends. And now, all will be pulled up from underneath me and I will be facing life full force. I know this is what I have wanted for years, but why am I not excited?

Corny? I know. Emo? Definitely!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Time to Dance?

I apologize for that last blog. I was in a little Debbie downer mood and content to whine and complain about life until I made myself feel better. But onto new things!

Oh wait, nothing has happened. Really. This week I only worked two nights, so that meant waking up late to a small collie taking up half my bed and leaving a sea of hair all over me. Disgusting? I know! I'm just in a constant state of waiting, and anticipation to the day I move out!!

This is a very boring blog. I felt that I needed to post something because it has been awhile, but I have found myself doing nothing the past week. Help me!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'm alone. No spouse, lover, friend with benefits or even a one-night stand. I've always said I like the single life, and I do. But I also wish I had someone to be with. I see all the couples and best friends around me and realize I'm all alone. And yes, I know most of it is my fault. I've avoided a relationship since day one of high school. Plenty of girls have wanted my attention, but I have rejected them. On a worldly level, some weren't of astonishing beauty. And on a deeper level I knew they weren't the one I wanted to spend my life with. Some of my friends said, "You need practice." I say Love doesn’t need practice. Do I expect to Love at first sight? I guess so. Is that unrealistic? Probably. Will I ever Love?

As I drove home from bowling, it hit me. It was nice outside and I just wanted to drive around. I ended up at the middle school and sat on my car looking up at the black sky with the stars I could see. And at that moment I wished I had someone to share it with. My loneliness hit me. It happens at random moments in my life.

And now that my dog has just puked next to me I have lost my train of thought. This emotional (emo) blog is over!